top 5 rhyme-iest bars [detected thru ‘complex’ computational methods]

So, as a part of a new project I’m working on it’s been important to go through lines in rap that have lots of rhymes and don’t use big words. Here are some random bars from random songs that fit this criteria that sound nice.

1. Benzino – Bang Ta Dis

blunts bitches clips guns
bars bricks whips funds

Syllables Per Word: 1.125
Rhyme Density: 0.78

2. JayZ – Parkin Lot Pimpin

big thangs thick chains
aint shit changed get brain in the four dot six range

Syllables Per Word: 1
Rhyme Score: 0.67

3. MF DOOM – Meat Grinder

wild west style fest ya’ll best to lay low
hey bro day glo set the bet pay dough

Syllables Per Word: 1.05
Rhyme Score: 0.85

4. Boo – Boo & Gotti Freestyle [off the Fast/Furious soundtrack]

pop off two clips top off new six
rock frost blue wrist still cop two bricks

Syllables Per Word: 1
Rhyme Score: 0.93

5. Cam’Ron – Bout it Bout it

get your legs snapped arm twist ribs cracked
wig tapped play fair day care kids napped

Syllables Per Word: 1
Rhyme Score: 0.93

4 thoughts on “top 5 rhyme-iest bars [detected thru ‘complex’ computational methods]

  1. AK says:

    It seems like Cam’s bar might be 100%, if you take “get” / “legs” and “twist” / “ribs” to be slant rhymes via assonance.

    • rapmetrics says:

      i think it is the word “still” that does not have a match. get/legs and twist-ribs are all counted as rhyming syllables. and it can be argued that the word “still” has a rhyme (maybe).

      but because the word “still” is considered a common word, and these common words are generally not pronounced with stress, it has a non-stressed syllable (IH0). and a non-stressed syllable rhyming with a stressed syllable requires a really close coda match (‘still’ has coda L, which doesnt match with many other consanants well. it matches with R and the empty Coda).

  2. Dean says:

    This is a little off topic, but I am really enjoying this site. I hate having to search through the blog to find a certain tool. I think it would be cool if you made a separate page that compiled all the tools.

  3. yp says:

    I really find this interesting now i can become a good rapper with this men

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