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My name is Liban Ali Yusuf.  I’m 23, live in Waterloo with my mom and this is my blog that I run by myself in my spare time cause I like rap and I have lots of energy. You can reach me at:

E-mail: liban.aliyusuf@gmail.com

13 thoughts on “About

  1. cognautic says:

    Hey, I’m curious, you have various articles on this site, and they’re very interesting, but it there any database that contains all the statistics that you’ve determined? Like individual albums and artists? I like the articles, but I’m curious if you could publisize the results of your studies for all to see.

  2. Mephistopheles Santiago says:

    Fantastic site! Great ideas, thorough analysis, and intriguing questions. I think I’ve been dreaming of this for years but never quite realized it.

    One thing I would suggest adding is some analysis of rhythm patterns. You’ve tackled diction, syllable averages, word averages, rhyme density etc. but what about finding out, say, the 100 most common one or two bar 16th note rhythm patterns MCs employ in their lyrics? Assuming, for simplification, that each syllable in a bar is a sixteenth note, there are a limited number of possible 1-bar rhythm patterns (65,536). For half a bar it’s much smaller (256). And you know some of those patterns are being used more than others. This could be quite a comparison point for individual styles.

    Obviously lyrics rhythm transcriptions for rap are much rarer on the Internet (if they exist at all) than just plain lyrics. But it is fairly simple to tap the beat of the lyrics into a music notation program, even with little or no knowledge of music theory. Even better would be to somehow program a computer to do it.

    Anyway, keep breaking that ground.

  3. kentucky says:

    i’m a big fan of your sight and always looking for new knowledge on this hip-hop thing N/H, i totally agree with you on gucci emcee wise he’s very underrated and knows what he’s doing when he uses his words. i have to say i disagree with you on pac especially with his later stuff, but thats another argument,

    i was wondering do you take any suggestions on songs/16/’s

    that show elite effort ?

    because i think you should do one on a particular fab song

  4. John G says:

    This is really great stuff! Been reading most of the posts but i really miss an analysis on Black Thought who i think is one of the greatest rappers. If you got the time of course otherwise just keep up doing what you do 😉

  5. staypositive says:

    I haven’t gone through all the posts yet, I could just say info like this could be hard to find these days with all the millions web pages.

    Great job

  6. Fatts says:

    Site is sick man, keep up the good work.


  7. Jonathan says:

    Tell you what man, this stuff is genius! Really hope you’re pursuing (or want to pursue) some type of English/Liberal Arts studies cause you’ve got a sharp analytical mind on display here. Inspiring work, keep bringing ideas this original and something real good’s gonna happen for you : )

  8. jstuartmill says:

    I must say I love everything about this. I have thought about a similar idea on occasion and glad to see someone else is as nerdy about hip hop as me. Hats off my friend.

  9. illflybnn says:

    Just wanted to add that this is the on cocaine blunts level of awesome to me when it comes to rap blogs.


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