Jadakiss/Styles-P 4 syllable rhyme stuff

I guess ever since Volume 5 of the And1 series I’ve been a big fan of Styles P.  For one summer, I think this was the song we listened to the most.  Of course, most of the ideas meant nothing to me then (even now?) but it came out at a special time when streetball tapes were important and the music off those tapes reflected what was ‘hot’.  All of this before Professor ruined And1 basketball, streetball and the delicate intersection of the two for me.

All of that being not interesting, Jada and Styles both rhyme in cool ways.  My favorite thing they do is the 4-syllable rhymes with unstressed middle syllables where, usually, almost all of the words are 1-syllable in length.  For example:

I got shit that could wake up the deaf
that’ll knock down the door and break up the steps

Certain words like {up} and {the} are not stressed because they work mostly as function words (I guess).  This is essentially  a 2-syllable rhyme {wake+deaf, break+steps} and the middle words just carry rhythm and sound cool.  Important to note that all of these words are monosyllabic.  I think this is harder to do and actually sounds better.  Computationally, it takes a lot more work to combine four words together like this and for it to sound good/’make sense’.  It is easy to find instances of 2-word combinations that match the rhyme pattern above.  

Examples rhymes for ‘wake up the deaf’:

  • betrayed a contempt
  • break and confess
  • brain to forget
  • behavior and threats
  • changing the s
  • pacing the decks
  • gauging success
  • changing defense
  • painting attempts
  • retaining a sense
  • player selects
  • navy corvette
  • awaited with dread
  • latency when
  • occupational stress
  • gratefully stretched
  • hasten to bess
  • haman against
  • hastily said
  • behavior is set
  • betrayed a contempt
  • behavior condemned
  • betraying the best
  • behavior with men
  • base his defense
  • say it reflects
  • retaining a sense
  • changing defense
  • painting attempts
  • sailing from thence
  • occasional yelps
  • playing yourself
  • creating a head
  • later regrets
  • occasional sketch
  • patients with ed
  • gauging success
  • ladies respect
  • engage in pretense
  • awaited with dread
  • named a hotel

4-word combinations is going to require some boring programming and probably some math and stuff like that to do in a non-shitty way.  Here are some Jadakiss/Syles-P 4-syllable rhymes and what the COMPLEX RapMetrics algorithm returns as possible rhyme results:


Everyday I need an ounce and a half
S.P.; the only flower that you know, with a bounce in a half

One of the great opening bars from one of my favorite albums ever.  Again, same idea here; the rhyme is essentially {ounce+half, bounce+half} with two words in the middle to carry rhythm and make it a 4-syllable rhyme.  It is one of my favorite rhyme schemes and an interesting one because the OW sound is pretty rare in general.  Here are some computer generated rhymes for that scheme.  Notice, again, there are no 4-word combinations.  It is because it is actually harder to do computationally, and, in my opinion, harder to do as a writer.

Example rhymes for the rhyme scheme ‘ounce and a half’:

    • mountain of cash
    • mountain attracts
    • mountains perhaps
    • counted the stacks
    • down the attacks
    • crowded in fast
    • hours of hand
    • flower or grass
    • council advanced
    • hour is passed
    • flowery branch
    • powerful am
    • doubted this last
    • flower or grass
    • south of sudan
    • housing began
    • counter and slammed
    • powerful am
    • flowery lands
    • flowers and scraps
    • powerful stand

A really cool rhyme and actually probably has potential to be bent in other weird ways.


So I roll ’em up, back to back, fat as I could
You got beef with Styles P, I come to splatter the hood

Same basic idea except now the 2nd line has a 2-syllable word {splatt-er}.

Example rhymes for the rhyme scheme ‘fat as I could’:

      • philanthropy would
      • fabric that could
      • faster and looked
      • fantasy look
      • fabulous goods
      • diameter should
      • calendar full
      • classes secured
      • tangible goods
      • carryin books
      • salinger book
      • natalie woods
      • management would
      • happening hook
      • mechanical bull
      • family good
      • splatter the hood
      • allison pushed
      • gallagher took
      • chapter i look
      • galloping hoofs
      • strategy shook
      • daddy assured
      • haven’t you looked
      • masculine foot
      • kasparov could
      • natural looks

Another sweet rhyme.


Motherfucker understand it’s full service to you
I don’t smoke the weed if it ain’t, purple or blue

Again, from ‘Get High’, same 4-syllable rhyme with 2 unstressed syllables in the middle.  This time the first word in this ‘rhyme scheme’ is 2-syllables long instead of one.  Which is cool.  This is what the very complex RapMetrics algorithm returned as possible results for rhymes:

Example rhymes for the rhyme scheme ‘purple and blue’:

    • preservatives to
    • permanent rules
    • purposely moved
    • purchased a few
    • persons consume
    • preferred to commute
    • determining u
    • conservative coup
    • determining two
    • encircling blue
    • recurrence is due
    • purchase this new
    • certainly smoothed
    • uncertainty due
    • cursing the rude
    • circle ensues
    • permanent wounds
    • certainly huge
    • germans produce
    • preferred to commute
    • circular stool
    • earliest jews
    • heard to allude

This is a cool ‘technique’ and there are some really cool things that can be done with it.  It is actually harder to 4-syllable rhymes of only monosyllabic words computationally and I think it is also harder to do it well as a writer.  I guess it is the main points of this ‘article’.  Sometimes having to simplify language and use smaller words to convey meaning/rhythm is actually way harder to do.  The simplest Styles P lines have stuck with me for the longest:

Bitch think I don’t smile ’cause my tooth chipped//
Bitch, I don’t smile cause my heart chipped//

2 thoughts on “Jadakiss/Styles-P 4 syllable rhyme stuff

  1. LIban says:

    The technique helped them stay relevant for 17+ years!

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