Troy Ave Through The Numbers

There’s a rapper from New York right now that is getting buzz for being a rapper from NY getting buzz.  His mixtapes are all coke-oriented but he really is just a nice dude that wears nice clothing and drinks nice alcohol and smokes weed.  His rap persona isn’t much more than that.  In the video above, he is talking about moving drugs across state lines which is a rap meme lots of (specifically NY) rappers have used so that their drug kingpin stories could never really be checked out.  Nobody from Connecticut/Maryland/Ohio can verify these stories and so it is a part of the brand/mythology when told in songs.  Or something.

Anyways, Troy Ave is okay.  But, at this moment, it’s very evident that all of his buzz is manufactured by street-wear twitter people and the rap blogs/sites associated with these people.  He is getting lots of views (8 self-shot videos with 20k+ views) but once you look closer, you’ll see that these hits might be the product of courtesy views or views by people that have been told that this is a cool artist that other cool people are checking out.

For example, his latest video, at this moment, has 120,000 views with only 20 comments.   Another video, De Facto, which sells the idea that he is ‘next up’, overtly and subliminaly, has 140,000 views with 33 comments (at this moment).  Chiddy Chiddy Bang Bang, another video about nice clothing/alcohol/drugs, has 130,000 views and 43 comments.  This trend is consistent.  Troy Ave is a cool rapper that cool people are listening to and convincing other cool/potentially-cool people that they should also be listening to.  A Ponzi-scheme of coolness, maybe.  Or something.

Anyways, here is a fancy table of the comments:views ratio for Troy Ave vs. some other young, cool-ish rappers:

Danny Brown – 0.299

Joey Bada$$ – 0.207

A$AP ROCKY – 0.184

Action Bronson – 0.188

Troy Ave – 0.0204

And in chart form:

So, yeah.  Good evidence to suggest that Troy Ave is manufactured buzz, at this moment.

6 thoughts on “Troy Ave Through The Numbers

  1. REAL TALK says:

    Fun fact: ASAP Rocky is the most “manufactured buzz”-y of any of the above. I just don’t think anyone other than a handful of blog oriented people and internet geeks give a shit about Troy Ave.

    • Ben says:

      ASAP’s buzz was entirely artificial and manufactured and astroturfed and creepy, but at this point he is popular-in-fact.

      Troy Ave’s buzz, such that he has, also seems to be geographically and stylistically limited.

      That said, he does have that “Dirty Martini” song which a) bangs, and b) inspired me to order a dirty martini at a local dive bar, resulting in a night that was an easy top 3 in terms of how abjectly sick I made myself. Curse you, Troy Ave.

  2. noodlegod says:

    Im pretty sure he’s buying views.

  3. guy says:

    I only see more of this trend coming, buying views and manufactured viral videos with big dollars behind them

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