Search 3-syllable Rhymes From Your Favorite Artist

Have you ever wanted to find rhymes from your favorite artists?  If you want to do that visit and search 3-syllable rhymes from your favorite artists simply by entering an artists’ name and pressing the ‘fuck button’.   It is a search engine to browse your favorite artists’ rhymes using SUPER COMPLEX algorithms to fetch lines from rap lyrics.  So, for example, searching “MF DOOM” will give these results:

Aint nobody fucking after her
Im out of here as soon as I fix the flux capacitor

On some junk like Gucci on a classy ho
Might splash you in the face with nuclear pistachio

Tryin to watch Adult Swim Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Rock this cult hymn sock your mean younger boss

Rock this cult hymn sock your mean younger boss
Psht Adult Swim Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Willie knows how the Phillies roll really though
I spend my last dough to pick up the sticky gold

belch Even your pops got smacked
Even your moms got cracked

Villains skeeter gram on the street fifty G
The part of Mr Roper was played by Mr T

Niggaz wanna rob me now
bitches wanna slob me now

bitches wanna slob me now
Hoes didnt holla last year feel sorry now

Yo son demented when them sent it from the other time
Before everybody and they mother rhyme

If thats the case he be a baldheaded African
Takin all the credit and jetted astro travellin

Diagnosed as shell shocked from totin toast
And still could hear the bells rock Doc another loading dose

Fixin baby hair messed up wave your curl
Under the cape the back of the S say baby girl

A rhymin cannibal whos dressed to kill its cynical
Whether is it animal vegetable or mineral

Whether is it animal vegetable or mineral
Its a miracle how he get so lyrical

We hollow krills she swallow pills
He follow flea collar three dollar bills

Let alone the preorders thats counted off shippin sales
This one goes out to all my peoples skippin bail

Jump em in like jump rope double dutch
Then turn on the mic with a thumb stroke subtle touch

Imma slip him son Imma dip him son
When I catch the drop on him Imma clip him son

Who mend and rip space time fabric like polyester blend
Not a hobby for no knobbykneed lesser men

Now classify dont got em shook by exposing the skeletons
Yeah I sorta stick to a more murkyhurt development

Crime pays no dental nor medical
Unless you catching time in county state or federal

Skurts posing as thuggers and hustlers
El get closer then ball huggers and jugglers

Section 8 penthouse maid look like Faye Dunaway
Alotta yall assed out like gay runaways

Its like the same hustle bro two knuckles glow
Tucked in Le Tigre just let the name buckle show

They need to not come out with nothing new
Blew the whole shit up on some What this button do

Who made his first mill and still carry razor blades
Used to be straight As and still made the grade

And revenge I dont need friends and shiesty activities
Move alone through the City that they call Liberty

Physically mentally spiritually not nowadays
Madvillain get more spins than the power plays

Suckas tryin to penny flip
niggaz looping any shit

Spotted at a chick flick holdin hands
The other one on his swollen glands a golden chance

Thats a Secret like Victoria teddy sets thats edible
Thems not ready yet for the incredible

Yall know the dance they smile in ya face yall know the glance
Try ta put em on they blow the chance

Try ta put em on they blow the chance
Never let your socalled mans know ya plans

It dont make no sense what happened to the loyalty
Honor amongst crooks trust amongst royalty

Just so when I let her get the man thing she know its no strings
We could do the damn thing but hoe its no rings

Clang Crime dont pay listen youth
Its like me holding up the line at the kissing booth

Win a contract then turn it down willingly
And start a bidding war thatll collapse the whole industry

Leave ya yellow spots around your bed area
Defecate around your head area

What we have here is a failure to communicate
If you gonna hate might at least get your rumors straight

Call or fax for the freshest rhyme delivery
Or takeout for the fakeyouout ballers in the industry

that know he feelin bent when he see lil pink elephants
And never forget to memorize the elements

And never forget to memorize the elements
Keep the mic sterilized terrorize your eloquence

Remember our vacation out to Maryland
I dooked the maid Carolyn

The rest is empty with no brain but the clever nerd
The best emcee with no chain ya ever heard

Villainy feel him in ya heart chakra chart toppa
Star shit stoppa be a smart shoppa

For fake if he was Anita Bakers man
Hed take her for her masters hit it once an shake her hand

Where my nigga go
Figaro Figaro

But I coul sure use a quick shot of double rum
No stick of bubble gum

They in the dark swingin right to left
Clingin to the little bit of light thats left

And cant escape the room you cant escape the tomb
You all wear a mask sometimes I can relate to Doom

the ho better settle case
the flow is at pedal pace

With the intent to kill the set was krill
To the full extent of skill vent the grill

Looks like its gonna be a great day today
To get some fresh air like a stray on a straightaway

Doom are you pondering what Im pondering
Yes but why would the darn thing be wandering

Yes but why would the darn thing be wandering
Shes like a foundling barely worth fondling

Psycho his flow is drowned in Lowry seasoning
With micropower hes sound and right reasoning

War wound purple heart love veteran
Morphine pain killers drugs and medicine

And many, many more.  I will work to get more rhymes, more songs and better search capabilities.  But enjoy for now!

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