Using ‘As Fuck’ As To get Rap Adjectives

When people describe some word X to the ‘as fuck’ degree I think what they are attempting to do is to intensify a word to ‘amplify its meaning’.  Some people say that they get ‘high as fuck’ or describe themselves as being ‘dope as fuck’.  In the rap corpus, it seems that this is a thing that rappers say often.  Here is some data:

Word Count
high 35
broke 22
mad 17
drunk 13
hard 8
scared 7
hot 6
dope 6
cold 6
bad 6
ugly 5
hungry 5
fat 5
quick 4
good 4
fly 4
fine 4
down 4
deep 4
crazy 4
tired 3
tight 3
sick 3
serious 3
rich 3
real 3
dark 3
clean 3
young 2
white 2
wack 2
sure 2
sneaky 2
paranoid 2
nice 2
dumb 2
dead 2
crunk 2
cool 2
bored 2
big 2

The four most popular terms {high, drunk, mad, broke} that rappers ‘intensify’ seem to make sense.  Rappers seem to do drugs a lot, have no money and they are angry.

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