Rhyming and Spelling and the Letter ‘L’

One of my favorite ‘hooks’ ever is by Nate Dogg on this song and it’s a good way to understand the idea that rhymes ‘lose something’ on paper.

Oh No, niggas ain’t scared to hustle/
It’s been seven days the same clothes/

On paper {hustle} and {clothes}  do not seem like rhymes and I’d bet that most people would not consider them rhymes if they were asked to identify a list of possible rhymes .  Even if they were shown other ‘slant rhymes’ during some sort of ‘conditioning period’.    Because Nate Dogg stretches out the [“-uhl”] sound in {hustle} it ends up sounding like the [“-owe”] vowel sound in the word {clothes}.   It’s a cool technique.

It happens often.  In a corpus of ~50,000 songs, there are ~5,000 unique couplets that use this technique.  Here is a partial list of ~250 couplets.

Artist Song Couplet
The Game Down automatic rifle

and im blastin on sight so

Classified This is For for every hip hop head-black to albino

record executives who still got they spinal

Masterminds Day One [oracle]

ey yo im slippin down a dark hole touchin my soul

Joe Budden The Future (oh…..)


Lil’ Rob Peek a Boo once its gotta be true, but its for real though just like me though

see no, hear no, speak no evil

Xzibit Heart of Man yo its all gon come out in the wash, the lost angel

with dirty wings, bullets ricochet off my halo

Joe f G-Unit Ride Wit U [bridge: joe]

i just wanna let you know, that oooh your so beautiful (your so beautiful)

Canibus M Sea Cresy description of el dorado is not so

see the reason theres no light at the end of tunnel

Esham The D. i aint tryin to get caught with no bundles

cops yellin freeze i hear one say there his gun goes

Looptroop Zombies now youre at home, watching bullshit cable

at your bullshit table, with your remote control

Twista Trouble i, want, my, dough

or its gon be some trouble

Tash f LV Tash Rules i came back and like poof! everybodys lookin boggled

it only took a sec to get rolloed, by chicago

Bubba Sparxxx Heat it Up actin like you scared and unprepared, but you aint though

grab your ankles, yeah thats the angle

Cannibal Ox Pigeon brain sizzle grab the pistol and get hostile

he caught you alone fuse blown

Rev Run The Way i got a way with my lady and a way with the wino

preachin like a preacher, healin people with the vinyl

Ugly Duckling Friday Night lighter then a dinner roll

solid as a mineral

PxMxWx Still Smokin’ im smokin on the weed, and my mama dont know

ya buy a pack of dubs ya split it in the middle

Eminem Square Dance im back now, ive come to release this info

ill be brief and let me just keep shit simple

Aesop Rock Save Yourself then disperse eye jammies for cats that swear by third pupil

but cant see past the loophole

Yukmouth Hey Boy stuntin like an eagle

so flossy in my street clothes

The Spooks The Mission i search, but all i can find is trouble

with my big eye open, when i roll with a flow

M-Flo What It Is jibun yori mo


Defari Bionic 2 each rhyme that i write is like a message in a bottle

a treasure of instructions for each man to follow

Big Gemini Dallas to the city of the fuckin giant microphone

where them hustlers hustle

Da Hol’ 9 Thurl Thizzle but before we when break it in little

we wanna see you on the flo

The 7A3 Lucifer he was robbin a sister for her dookie gold

children subjected to satanic rituals

Diamonique Get it On i might freaking have to go postal

just tryin to have a little fun, and do what no

Chino XL It’s All Bad chino never had the doe, i was determined though

sabotaged at birth, cursed by an evil angel to strangle

The Click Mr. Flamboyant chi-town chicago the land of the snow

nyc new york, the big apple

Brand Nubian Ragtime i just get to the bare essential

demandin that i talk, of my credentials, cause yo

Screwball The Bio and crack that henny open and bust that bottle

you niggas stay tuned more shit comes tomorrow

Virtuoso Dream In how far miguel will go

until they digging up your skeletal

Freddie Foxxx Lazy!!! bump bringin you another selection from my main man primo

to the heart forever plural

KAM Trust Nobody dont get excited and dont be emotional

never run your mouth in front of none of them hoes you know

Killah Priest Covenant teach peace or transform the priest, the ruthless angel

so what you want huh – horns or halo?

Ras Kass Golden Chyld you funny style like bernie mac, rappin like beanie sigel

golden child of the west, dont know how to act though

Pastor Troy For Survival im in the rain sellin my shadow

but its gone still follow me, so i battle

Drake Thank Me Now mahalo from the hardest act to follow

lately ive been drinkin like theres a message in a bottle

Jay-Z Hola’ Hovito hov been about that dough since i was a day old

oh, push perrico if i need to for the rule of evil

DMX The Prayer VI were just children that act grown

there is so much that were entitled to yet we receive so little

Dru Down Mista Busta blow!

watch me use his punk title

Yung Joc BYOB i like my chick booty big-o, lay my head on them big oles

put her on her tiptoes, i get up in the middle

Aesop Rock Daylight now hes got soul

sitting there licking log cabin in charlie chaplin waddle

Royce Da 5’9″ War you could get shot fo sho, your whole block could go

im takin the pistol to make it official

A&R Questions but me? just pass the bottle

cuz this the type of shit, you gon hear tomorrow

OuterSpace Our Father unbearable, tried to help, i felt terrible

tears dressed her heart, when that casket arose

Kool Moe Dee The Best bass and treble to create a level

of highs and lows of sounds that goes

Lloyd Banks Survival never came back home now im on my own

so i had to learn a few things bout survival

Big L f C-Town Still Here your ice dont shine and your chain hollow

while you front in clubs for hours with the same bottle

Cale Sampson ‘Til I Met You its ironic, in a twisted way im thankful

by trying to push me down you actually helped me grow

MC Eiht (CMW) Endoness you better than a bitch licking on your pop sicle

uh fool, you know im too cold

Eve As I Grow yo

im in a position to help a lot of people

Eminem Crack a Bottle the hell if i know

do i want leather seats or vinyl

Biz Markie Spring Again dis dis dis gon be dis gon be our new single

and when you hear this story youll say its aight though

Flame True God cause its personal

givin us back everything that adams sin stole

Juan Gotti Fear No Evil fear no evil (fear no evil)

my people (amigo)

Kool Keith NBA Superstar get haterade and i do suggest you use your towels

man you better leave basketball alone, and take your panties home

Cypress Hill Shoot ‘Em Up niggaz wanna play with the pistol, you make me get pissed though

(you get a fistful!)

Maccabeez We Live This hammers blow, i pray god protects they soul

bodies turn up in hospitals, like vegetable

Ray Luv Do Me where busters get broken up like some bagels

tryin to make mo

Nicki Minaj Wave Ya Hand cause its pink friday hoe, thats there rebuttal

2 guns up, lets blaze it, lets go

Esham Wake the Dead so yes yall, get off the wall for the psycho

alfadiscobeta vinyl

X-Raided Kicc it 2-Nite and its a to fight say we inceprable

she nothin nice and i refuse to let it go

Geto Boys G Code caught up on the phone, talkin prices (hello)

25-to-lifes the mandatory minimal

Outsidaz Keep On jumpin in and out of holes, lives like geronimo

put it on wax, make it sound kinda comical

King Sun Be Black even some rappers, frontin in their videos

nothing but oreos, tryin to be memorial

Dom Pachino Mic’s Down you dont wanna let us go, we might fuck up you flow

you fucking with a real pro, napalm general

Daz Dillinger Drama ill get domed without seein battle or bein battled

im posted, strapped with a million volts

Hell Razah Chain Gang black hebrews from centuries ago, young negros

with dark skin and afros, who built castles

Baby Blak Firewater get around like pac and shock on singles

when im in your town yo

Royal Fam Mic Ammo guns from el salvador, ask mic ammo

crossfire, bullets ricochet horizontal

Cormega Get Out My Way mentally i measure kilos

physically im compared to tito trinidad, both hands are lethal

Killah Priest The Rose his pedals had fallen in the ghetto

crowds echo, screams and ive seen the devil

Do or Die Fantasy and my conversation just to a essential

make a ma take a puff like indo

Sabac Speak Militant yeah… necro on the beat, check it, yo

we live like the city of gods fallen angels

Slum Village Conant Gardens rippin! with rhymes and filling the chrome

dippin! cruising the neighborhood is just local

Knoc-Turn’al Peepin’ Tom once upon a time in the projects, yo

there lived a nigga named knoc-turnal

9th Prince 9th Chamber yeah, here to save the people

handsome and masculine, like vin diesel, no homo

Big Pun My World slap a coffin on the saddle

and rattle like a wooden horse to el barrio

King Tee The Coolest my style is original, not a subliminal

you say to yourself theres no one better, than him you know

Mannie Fresh Real Big yall still doin little leage and im in the pros

then white boys go wild “hes my idol”

Above The Law Floetry some type of role model

some type of act to follow

DMX Fuckin’Wit’D with the devil, i stay doin dirt so

im gonna come with the shovel,

Half-a-Mill Where BK At? bk be my borough, mad thorough

make sure that cash double

TLC Turntable i know

that through all the struggle

Atmosphere Free or Dead back to my travels, running from my shadows

some hitchhikers and bikers honkin the horn harrasin the cattle

Danny! I Wish i wish the government would quit tappin phones in the ghetto

(leave us alone) i wish my student loans were all settled

504 Boys Get Back a bananna clip with 50 hollow tips of ammo

smoke a nigga how a prisoner smoke camels

One.Be.Lo Decepticons especially if you dont know what i know

my chords on the vinyl give you more than recital

Natas Sunday School cause i wont step up in your steeple

but oh no!

Atmosphere One of a Kind well off he goes, come and cop some flows

cross your toes in hopes that i dont climb you like an obstacle

Killah Priest I Am im still in the game, i rose like neo

behold, meet me in the sequel

ED O.G. On Dogz im an asshole with an afro

who want to live in a castle with no hassle

KRS-One The Kool Herc these rappers man startin to look comical

but ima do what ima do and never follow

Nas Life We Chose bow ties and tuxedos, bust eagles

dump drugs and acid, then they rush with the rico

Three 6 Mafia All or Nothin’ black as a shadow

smoke loc vehicle

Juice Sincerely you must respect the flow

point blank im a professional

Afroman Mississippi all my homies in laurel

beg borrow

Sporty Thievz Angel its terrible the scenario got me going till its burial

kept it stereo, so we buried him with his radio

De La Soul Foolin’ them niggaz screamin fam til they rank measure equal

then vote, without leavin a note, and that was all she wrote

Danny! My Baby i can put you in a catalog, modeling for spiegel

cause your face is a ten, and your bodys like whoa

Ugly Duckling La Revolucion well make our escape then listen as the guns blow

turn around and watch the walls crumble

Esham Devilish Mood so when i see a old lady, i follow her ass home.

people say im livin just like a animal,

Pacewon Wake the Town you gotta have breath control, and be flexible

if you wanna be the next to blow

Lecrae Crossover but you treat him like an obstacle

see him come at your convenience like a stop and go

Classified See the Truth as a kid girls told me i was border level

now they feelin me and tell me im a gorgeous fellow?

Lil Wayne Receipt so no time for groupies, straight to the top flo

fresh out the shower, a smile and a towel

Do or Die Get This Paper when the coke get low

it make the whole street struggle

Virtuoso Crematorium i spin records like dreidels in tornados

so play those on turntables the crematorium burn labels

The Coup Not Yet Free as i realize theres a million motherfuckers in the cold

no need to be told, cause when you got a million po people

Raekwon Ason Jones youknowhatimsaying? because they — you know people

got their thing about themselves, you know

D12 f Eminem My Ballz i been grown, im so dirty you dont even know my skin tone

its time to rumble, no time to fumble

Xzibit Break Yourself rotate relate respect the flow

hospital bed you vegetable

E.S.G. By My Side ill still lift your head up, and try to give ya some hope

hell naw i aint the pope, but i speak for my people

C-Loc f Boo Ya Girl Wanna now we havin problems over scandolous assholes

hope it dont result to the pistol

Juelz Santana Oh Yes why should i (wait), how could i (wait), no

plus im a sex symbol (symbol)

Rascalz On the Run and can be impeached cause we presidential

so we do it how we want and let it be told

B.G. Gun Slinger ima abuse it – bust hollows like cupid bust arrows

i only put hollow tips in my barrel

Tash Fallin On im like earl the pearl, straight pimp referral

yall niggas cant win, its like you sword-fightin zorro

Cypress Hill Red, Meth & B yo yo yo – all my niggas say jump up, doc broke out the kennel

a dog on four paws spittin out the window

115 Garcia Vegas now first lets call for the motherfuckin indo

pull out your crutch and put away your pistol

Onyx Most Def cease the paper i got to get it im addicted *echoes*

rappin at sets im pickin pockets the way you got ankles

Jurassic 5 The Game its takin its toll, 24-second clock control

stoppin this obstacle, impossible

Dan-e-o Deadly youre a yokel, id win a battle with my back up vocals

snap you in a chokehold, slap you like im stone cold

Rappin 4-Tay Back Again im no man when im off the indo

with a proper tempo and an instrumental

Mac Dre Lame Saturated dre dips more whips than the man on grand theft auto

catch me in five hundred sedan s model

GangStarr Natural im speakin, just to let you rap pros know

aint no gimmicks, no phony image, cuz im a natural

Fat Joe Pendemic yeah, im right here, middle of the ghetto

sweatpants saggin cause im packing heavy metal

Mr. Sancho Oooh Mama [sancho]

ja ja wus sup royal

Big L Danger Zone ls the nigga that crime follows

im hittin fine models and stabbin punks with broken wine bottles

Wu-Syndicate Muzzle Toe snap though, leavin them duct taped, glory was cancelled

its pinzo, eleven o channel cut off his leg slow

Bloods & Crips Piru Love crab-ass hos

they get the fuckin middle

Prodigal Sunn Puzzled [chorus 2x: prodigal sunn samples]

“dont dont dont dont dont

3rd Bass Come In come in, to my cribbo, no reason youll say ditto

no tea and crumpets, not servin you no vitals

Blackalicious Aural Pleasure chronicle

got the run of flow

Dom Pachino Regardless you gon get called to the studio, and be a no show

you fucking with a real pro, napalm general

Opio About Love its curtains, jealousy got me spinning in circles

for what i was sweat up while i really shoulda let it go

K.C. Redd Nah! you bout to split the floor, you know a balla with them hoes

you get bucked, ya know, look, fire opthimals?

Brisky Fine as Hell look, them lower back dimples, make a nigga act simple

you control the pace and ima keep with that tempo

Witchdoctor Heaven Comin’ from the hole of my mother fucking dark soul

heaven is in the mental

Killah Priest Heavy Mental deep warp the outer zone, without a phone, to the unknown

to sit on my throne alone (heavy mental)

E-40 Ballaholic im plannin on splittin my crown but it aint gon be too simple

see im a baller, i got bars around the window

Beanie Sigel Mac Man dodgin through traffic thats narrow

and my nigga donkey kong bringin weed in by the barrels

U.G.K. PA Nigga with random and ?ricos? with cameras and peep holes

cant stand us, we chose the scandalous, who planned this your people?

Three 6 Mafia Da Summer for the birds that dont know thats yellow

it makes me slow down the pedal

NATAS Virgin Mary sometimes, i just dont know

should i grab a pistol

Project Pat Ooh Nuthin’ rubbbin on her back as i suck on her nipple!

mane dis gal stacked but cheeks like a hippo!

Wu-Tang Clan Campfire purple haze festivals, smoke a nigga like a bowl

fuck a coma, now the state you layin is a vegetable

Crips Compton Nut ward lane got to get, you dont hear me though

south side break it down to the syllable

Afu-Ra Only U thats right, purple haze, white widow, yeah, get me settled

i burn pirates in my head, hit the grittle, hello

Prodigy Black Devil over here, we laugh at you but its not a joke

cause people need to know, about the black devil

Drake Underdog back like spinal

stack like dominoes

Fiend Cold Wit It leave your feelings at home

cause this could get painful

Joe Budden Young Niggaz god lookin like the devil (oh)

sendin me to the pawn shop anytime i found shit that looked like metal

Madd Kapp Kapp Mann [intro: sampled]

to the batmobile, lets go~!

Chuck D The Pride i used to flow

they used to call me a rhyme animal

Natas Godlike so ghetto

at the party rock the heavy metal

Killah Priest Diagnose ill individual, i spit visual, lyrical

go in ya ashtray and find the roach

X-Raided Fuccyoutoo bitch well jack your rental

wish yall niggas would recognize this, sacramento

Black Sheep Hoes We Knows -sexual chocolate hoes (you knows about sexual

chocolate hoes?) i knows about sexual chocolate hoes, i knows

Big Tymers Big Ballin’ ballin everyday popin dom p bottles

ball til ya fall is the ca$h money motto

Phanatik Come Home hes too proud to stay at the group home

was on his own since he was juvenile

Nas Halftime but not bisexual, im an intellectual

of rap, im a professional and thats no question, yo

Afu-Ra Scat Man get stoned magical, real, as in my miracles

drip drop my hip hop yo

Pastor Troy Murda Man when i catch ya ass in the street the gun blow, blow

i represent the hard, i represent the angle

Diamond D Hiatus my palm stay holdin, federal reserve notes

i bet a fewve your nerves broke in a tussle

Gorilla Zoe Money Up rap shit is easy, yall make this shit an obstacle

this is basic training, show you the ropes

Tech N9ne Here I Come lets go ghetto

or heavy metal

Mystikal Ooooh Yeah well look at you, you flirtin with this pimpin aint yo

i seen you pstin winkin at me when you grabbed yo ankle

Solomon Childs This 4 solomon childs, platinum dog, never gold

frontin ya hetero, rather have uptown girls like billy joel

CPO f MC Ren Gangsta Melody for like 20, and for the other four i got my drawers around my ankles

and got my dick in somebodys hoe

Jake Lefco And You Are? shouts to happ g, brief, snuffy and scandal

im ill – im a peaceful man though

Mos Def Ms. Fat Booty burnin candles, all my other plans got canceled

man i smashed it like an idaho potato

Boot Camp Clik Let’s Go conversatin, congregatin, i got twelve disciples

they all got rifles and neh one of em like you, lets go

Camp Lo Soul Train plenty broads are bimbos

crash the symbols, nine dot initials

Spanish F.L.Y. Loco Por Vida crazy life in the barrio (barrio)

drinking tequila out the bottle (bottle)

Common f Dwele The People this is street ra-dio, for unsung heroes

ridin in they regal, tryin to stay legal

KAM f Spade Active buckin like a texas bull or a bronco

tougher than leather, leave a fool forever horizontal

X-Raided Kick it 2-Nite and its a to fight say we inceprable

she nothin nice and i refuse to let it go

Taydatay P.W. i hit the ghetto

hands on my heavy metal

Royce Da 5’9″ Security i was sitting in the back row

with vishis, wishing i can go up to marshall

C-Rayz Walz The Essence jay-z stole my blueprint for the single

he got a copy from dingo

Zion I Venus purity and soul untouched virgin snow

follow me into my deep cerebral

Slo V & Retro Miami Stripper reach to the floor make your teeth touch your toes

put your knees to your nose and your flexible

Jurassic 5 Baby Please dont play me play lotto

you cant rip it like no throttle

Haiku D’Etat Still Rappin’ like a hot potato our attraction to hip hop is fatal

were connoisseurs on tours in a winnebago

Killah Priest Theme Song song of a rose, mass in a tinted window, they play my intro

i walk like i waltz in the road, instrumental

Lil’ Rob Stick Up while the rhymes remind me of a comedy show

and we giggle and chuckle

Bizzy Bone Muddy Waters on the corner swiggin wines, singin about the ghetto

breakin bread, stealin cars, and stayin in trouble

Mac f Master P Money Gets you see a wise man told me to keep your eyes on a sparrow

and dont get caught up like my lil homies harrold and darryl

Oh No Oh Zone see what we do now, is just in our cycle

they just tweak it around and claim the shits pyro

T-Pop Wise Guy these mafia niggaz, run motherfuckers like cattle

so when its your number, you gotta go gotta go

Jurassic 5 I Am Somebody forever keep it ghetto

funk and heavy metal

Lil’ Wayne Lights Off but that lil boy trouble

and plus dis shorty be full, wodie

K-Solo Rock Bottom kill the amp, to make, my mic amplitude stone

my hand holds a boulder, my army of pitbulls

Doap Nixon Burnt Offering im still doin my thizzle, still spittin the missiles

still got time for a good gristle (ten to go)

Qwel Road Atlas makes us grim and stay stone and strays kids from the way home

its simple subtle suckled since infancies slithering fables

Phanatik Hip-Hop Music nothing is equal, its as classic as classical

and probably more spiritual than most of the spirituals that you know

Grits Soundcheck a vocal ville local with a crib in acapulco

speakin faith focal

Royce Da 5’9″ Here They Come my bitch icey, nicety as janet jack central

here they come yo

Nelly Paradise does she prefer the cold of winter snow

or do she like it tropical

D-12 Girls this shit that i been through my pencil never could pencil

but i will never be this gullible ever again though (nope)

Binary Star Slang Blade on the go in the fast lane without reverse, i cant slow

no brakes, push the pedal to the metal

E-40 Federal man ill never sell my soul

motherfuckers you didnt know, im federal

Atmosphere Shrapnel all the power to the people who dig potholes

placed me in a glass case full of lost treasures and fossils

Breeze T.Y.S.O.N. (- let me see you close your mouth and just keep it closed

– well you know thats impossible

Cam’Ron Confessions yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo

see father i lost my scruples

DM & Jemini The Only One like babies to bottles

and maybe tomorrow you wont be so hollow

Mr. Shadow Westside how about we play quarters or spin the bottle

the rule of the game drink it all till its hollow

O.C. My World obstacle or pussy to stop him from bonin a hoe

me and the mic double trouble

The Projekt Day & Night just lately its takin its toll so

forgive is if am stranger than normal

Big Shug Crush and ive got to come through swingin elbows

and ill hold the post, hold down the middle

Rhymefest Devil’s Pie that nigga aint been broke since “h to the izzo”

thats whem my man biddle stopped by with two little

Nas Doo Rags cause ray charles could see the ghetto

was told to stay strong and i could beat the devil

Klashnekoff Son of Niah im buffalo, this shit gets venomous like kosovo

the manimal, man of maneuver undetectable

Wyclef Jean What a Night matta fact i was a grimey little negro

who said if music didnt work, id sell diesel

Bad Meets Evil A Kiss stretch a nigga out, im the new tae-bo, bout to cross over, im the new ivo

bout to save a couple of these bitches, thats right, im the new bible

D-12 f Bugz Fuck Battlin bought the stupid bitch from sisqo now she wont let my dick go

bugz a stupid nigga, take a shower with my pistol

Murs & Slug Dirty Girl dirty cap with a pony tail that sat between her shoulders (beautiful)

with an oil streak that must have kissed your cheekbone

Erick Sermon Here I Iz im rockin, i got the earth in a cradle

youse a baby and not quite able (hell no)

Lil Wayne How to Love see i just want you to know

that you deserve the best, youre beautiful

Stat Quo The Beginning they cant keep him away, hes too resourceful

gettin that guap with the glock by my torso

Culture VI Oh Shit! im street i rap for niggaz that shoot people

frontin like you gon squeeze nah no ya wont

Dead Prez Happiness the ladies is out, lookin fly, dressed comfortable

i love to wake up, and feel the breeze through my window

Atmosphere White Noise prime time television is worse though

surf the shit, id rather watch the commercials

Woodie Norte Sidin’ waking out the windows spitting yoc life lingo

(that shits so tight it makes my ears tingle)

Talib Kweli Tater Tot everywhere we look, the visible spectrum, is rainbows

this can not be natural

Chamillionaire Successful cars and the clothes, the hoes, i suppose

i knew i would be, i knew i would be successful

EPMD Blow dub i kick shit, this is kung-fu hustle

and not on the block, this is more like the studio

Dom Pachino Fuk Critics [chorus 2x: jay-z sample]

fuck critics, you can kiss my whole ass hole

Jean Grae Take Me so im raising the barrel envisioning marrow

splashed on the wall and polka dotting all my apparel

Chubb Rock I Will Survive past years missin dissin scripting up this new bible

im your idol, the highest title, numero uno

Brother Ali Games shit aint nothin like “the sopranos”

real talk, youre probably better off at mcdonalds

O.C. Who Run It? flow sorta like slow draggin the blunt smoke

inhale then blow out os of nostrils

Killah Priest Never Existed he said: “pharaoh, of the big apple”

lettin you know, another code

The Firm Firm Freestyle im in the trade trade in the double-o kuzzle

guzzelin don twist on my dro my drugs yo

Pusha T My God both feet in the snow so that my core follows

we dont mourn for the dead nigga, we pour bottles

Kam Drama right after the funeral

goddamn, thats two in a row

Ja Rule f Case Thug Life im about to take these freak hoes to levels unknown

touch a little, later on, fuck a little

The Longshots Girl Next Door [sample]

but now you running around, i dont know

Talib Kweli So Low remember this, theres no one else to blame when youre solo

establish your fan base local, before you take it global

Consequence Uncle Rahiem uncle rahiem who got busted with the chrome

but this sorta uncles like rich porters uncle

Dungeon Masta Two Step amended and ended, its stable, i find it hard to control

eh, so have prepare for my arrival

Kool Keith Takin’ it Back 12 oclock lunchtime, bangin on the school table

i was able more fatal to spin around like tornado

Alexipharmic Summer but no one hired a 16-year old dropout with a halo

so she continued the march with the other broken-winged angels

Trigg’nomm No Tomorrow feelin when im chillin, my blunt, my bottle

and imma hit that shit like its no tomorrow

Lil Wyte My Cutlass paul, and juicy both told me i better pack pistols

pistols plural for the ones of those who do not know

Jurassic 5 Break kinda black kinda bold

ghetto soul beautiful

Laquan Soul Soloist my weapons my pencil, a poets utensil

and when its empty i fall back and reload

Trick-Trick M-1 when people cant get along, leave em the fuck alone

speakin of people that thinkin that people is evil

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