Album Review 1: “patterns of benthic arthropods”

Taking up the offer I posted last night, doneshookdice asked for a ‘review’ of his album “patterns of benthic arthropods” which can be found at that link.  It’s a weird album.  Here are my notes from the album:

  • This album is clearly a solo endeavor.  He has an I:You ratio of 2.25 which is higher than any Drake song ever written.  He jumps back and forth between talking about his depression and boredom (‘I watch TV, a lot of stupid TV shows/And a lot of stupid video clips of stupid shit‘) to simple, ironic rap tropes that sound foreign coming from Jon (‘I use to be a dope dealer/I was all about the scrilla‘).
  • doneshookdice rarely hits anything longer than a 1-syllable rhyme.  Most of this album is Jon taking a shit on the idea that rhyming even matters which is cool.  His first song is almost all 1-syllable, perfect rhymes {head, bed, said}, {West, best, sex, text} or lines that don’t even rhyme or sound good rhythmically (‘I masturbate a lot sometimes/Sometimes, sometimes I want to lose my virginity’).  I actually like the idea of couplets that don’t rhyme and don’t attempt to but I think it works way better as non-sequitor.  Or maybe not.  The loneliness in masturbation/internet-browsing is something that a lot of young authors write about but I don’t really think it’s something rap acts discuss.  It goes against the machismo and bragging necassary to make fun rap to listen to.
  •  doneshookdice doesn’t just undermine himself with perfect 1-syllable rhyming words.  If he had simple rhymes with couplets that sounded good together rhythmically, it’d be more ‘acceptable’.  His lines are really short (~9 syllables/line) and the variation in line length is huge.  His syllable per line variance is ~3.12 syllables.  This shows that, even with short lines on average, Jon writes awkwardly placed long lines that mess with any sort of rhythm.  He never maintains ‘flow’, in the conventional sense.  It’s all very ‘anti-rap’ and a big fuck you to the listener (perhaps respectfully though, I’m not sure).

Anyways, doneshookdice is a cool dude and I hope he makes more music.  The music is pretty depressing and fun.  I think he’s fighting the good fight by being as anti-technical as possible.

One thought on “Album Review 1: “patterns of benthic arthropods”

  1. Could you change the mentions of this guy’s name to “doneshookdice” please? Don’t like this guy’s name showing up on google

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