Visualizing Some Rhyming Things

The new Earl verse is good.  Some slowed-down, descriptive, ‘dark’ multisyllable rhyming from the boy Earl.  Anyways, I put up a visualization online to look at his new verse and used it in a side-by-side comparison with my rhyme dictionary.  So, for each of the big rhyme schemes he’s carrying in this song, I put up what the rhyme dictionary would match with it.  It works really well I think.  So, for the rhyme scheme Earl uses {coldest speaking, ho this decent, hold and squeezin’, home and peacin’}, the RapMetrics rhyme dictionary matches up these rhymes:

only teasing
smokin leanin
sewin’ shearin’
souls of beings
own appealing
older swedish
most concrete thing
modes of pleading
though perceiving
ocean meeting
own policing
coachman ceased his
control of peking
covert feeling

Pretty good rhyme matching.  Anyways, please go to the link to check out what I mean (because WordPress won’t let me do the things on here cause WordPress sucks).


2 thoughts on “Visualizing Some Rhyming Things

  1. I love this beat its too damn dope! I wish I could make a beat like this.

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