Whippin’ is a cool ‘trap’ verb Pt. 1

I like the Haiti Boyz.  Where New York drug rappers focus on the mafioso expensive spaghetti part of the drug trade, a lot of the cool new DC Youtube rappers exist almost exclusively in the cooking/bagging part of ‘the game’.  The actual ‘shitty’ part that requires hard work.  The reward seems to be in doing this type of work and I identify with it for that reason I think.  The mafia fetish raps was probably always a way for rappers to prove that they were beyond the unglamorous parts of the ugly shit they were involved in.  It’s only one step removed from ‘going legit’.  Or maybe a way to associate with both crime culture and [things associated with high society].

The hook for the song above by the Haiti Boyz goes through a bunch of metaphors where Pooh-Loe brags about his ‘whippin’ abilities.  Stretching x amount of cocaine into y amount of crack (where x>=y).  I really like it.  Anyways, it seems that ‘whippin’ isn’t a very common term in the rap corpus.  It seems odd that, with all the rappers out there rapping about the drug trade, very few are explaining the process of ‘stretching a deuce to an 8′.  Isn’t that important?  It could be that it’s an uninteresting part of the process (doubt it) or that the amount of first-hand experiences doing that are minimal .  Could also just be that it’s not a very good search term.  But maybe it’s evidence that Rick Ross really is one of the best fictional rap storytellers:

  1. whippin keys in the back thats how i stack dough
  2. everyday them hammers bang, whippin yay like annie mae 
  3. uhh and we ship it from haiti, baby im whippin them babies

And of course the hook for BMF where he says “whippin’ work, haleluja”.  Probably the most famous, quotable instance of the term ‘whippin’.  An interesting choice because the whole song is based on the idea of being a drug kingpin and not ‘one of the suckers’ in the kitchen.

The next step with this little project is going through the songs and finding terms relating to the term ‘whippin’ as a drug term and not as a car-related verb (“whippin the benz”) or as a thrashing (“pistol whipping”).  For example, words like “cake”, “keys”, “babies” should be highly correlated to “whippin”.  Once we get a good enough baseline of these terms I think we can put a empirical ‘trap’ score to songs which could be fun.  For example, Waka isn’t a trap rapper.  Neither is Chief Keef.


One thought on “Whippin’ is a cool ‘trap’ verb Pt. 1

  1. jstuartmill says:

    It is surprising that more of the “work” about the drug trade isn’t talked about. Isn’t it the case that the people cooking are lower on the pyramid?

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