The New Gucci Mane Tape is a Good Tape

I like the new Gucci Mane mixtape, I’m Up.  It is very good and many of the tracks are ‘dark’, I think.  Gucci Mane is often a fun listen but I think post-Slim Dunkin getting killed, he has a lot of not-fun things that are on his mind that he wants to say.  I say this because the song Sometimes  had Gucci reflecting on Slim Dunkin’s death, I think.  But maybe it’s not related to the Slim Dunkin slaying because Ferrari Boyz was also pretty dark.  The track Feed Me was very mean-spirited and specific to stripper culture which seems to always be associated with a ‘no care’ mental space.  Gucci compares strippers to zombies.  I think the idea is that zombies aren’t processing the things they do to eat and survive, which I guess is similar to strippers in the strip-club atmosphere trying to get money.  But I’m not sure.

In the song Kansas, Gucci Mane rhymes on the same song as Jim Jones, who is a very orthodox New York rapper.  The difference between Gucci Mane and Jim Jones on this track is how long they sustain certain rhyme schemes.  I think what helps Gucci sustain a singular idea for a whole song is his focus on rhyme structure.  Gucci will use one rhyme scheme for a whole verse whereas most rappers will use many.  Similarly, Gucci will sustain one idea in a whole verse where most rappers will use many.  I think it’s like how Chris Rock will beat a singular joke/idea to death by exploring it from every angle until the audience understands.

In this song, Gucci uses 1 rhyme scheme per verse.  Jim Jones uses 6.  Here is a breakdown:

Verse 1 (Gucci):

{need, freek, beach, week… dream}

Hook (Gucci):

{understanding, underhanded, demanding… Kansas}

Verse 2 (Gucci):

{dancin, chances, planned it… Brandy}

Verse 3 (Jim Jones):

{explain, ‘caine, attained, brain}

{sellin’ bricks, hello bitch}

{eye to eye, in the sky}

{Kansas, dandruff}

{Head & Shoulders, deadly cobra}

{got the bricks, gotta piss}

Jim Jones is good on this song but I think Gucci is better.  I think that following through on a singular rhyme for a whole verse is good but that it is something that rap fans subconsciously see as a sign of bad writing or bad rapping.  I don’t think this is true.  I think it’s a good way to rap sometimes.

One thought on “The New Gucci Mane Tape is a Good Tape

  1. Shapey Fiend says:

    Jim Jones by his own admission is more about the adlibs than anything else. Trying to analyse how sophisticated those are could be a whole different story. Gucci and Waka tend to have so much going on in that area as well that I think just looking at their foreground lyrics doesn’t give you the whole picture. The way they layer adlibs to create a melody is incredibly difficult to get right.

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