MGK Stealing Flocka’s Cadence

Good song but a blatant lift off of Flocka’s Gun Sounds hook cadence.   The repetition of [I’m a] fits perfectly with the [Luv Dat].  I doubt it’s a coincidence since the stress he puts on each word is exactly like Flocka.

Might be easier to visualize the two hook’s on top of each other:

Exact same amount of syllables, words and stress placement.  Gun Sounds is one of the greatest songs of the past couple of years cause of that beautiful cadence.  I’d find myself shaking my imaginary dreads all the time to this because of how perfectly catchy and intense it was.  Perhaps Flocka was inspired by someone else (in which case this post is silly) but Flocka’s whole style is so unorthodox and oddly structured that I doubt it whereas someone like Machine Gun Kelly is indebted to various rapping styles and is a true school rap child.


2 thoughts on “MGK Stealing Flocka’s Cadence

  1. Tim says:

    Also bit:
    “Cobain’s back, Cobain’s back, got these crazy white boys yellin’ Cobain’s back”

    from Weezy (Tunechi’s back, sorry 4 the wait)
    “Tunechi’s back, Tunechi’s back, thats all these bitches screamin that Tunechi’s back”

    Cadence isn’t an exact match, but pretty damn close

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