Riff Raff’s Internal Rhymes

At his best, Riff Raff is easily one of the more interesting and fun rap writers right now.  One of the ways he does this is by forcing rhymes within a bar.  So, a regular rap line might go like:





Where the ~ are the words before a rhyme.  So, a rapper might rap a bunch of shit and hit an end rhyme.  Usually,  Line 1 and Line 2 are dependant on each other for meaning.  The writer has lots of space to fully get through whatever idea it is that connects those lines.  Riff Raff (and Gucci before him) sometimes break a bar into halves and build meaning within a line.  This causes individual lines to be longer on average but cuts the amount of space needed to communicate something in half.  So, a generic Riff Raff line might look like:


~~~~~A, ~~~~~~A

~~~~~A, ~~~~~~A


The song above, WorldStar (the title is an ode to WSHH and a reference to himself as a globetrotter I think) displays this technique.  And it’s fun to listen to:



Tasers, house full of Lasers
Mouth full of Glaciers, outskirts of Asia
Medication, deep thoughts Meditation
Pay me for a Favor, rap game Joe Frazier


Ain’t nothin to it, dip a stick of embalming fluid
Cuttin coke in a Buick, rap game Martha Stewart


Now imma be a nice nerd, the Benz look like a iceberg
I was a day, vice verse, two time, twice words


Swung through east Swizterland in a dope fiend rental
crushing instrumental even without the pen and pencil


Ya whole squad garbage, I see why you lethargic
swung through the olive garden, gimme egyptian massages


Now you can go and hate me, but you can’t navigate me
a 10 is what they rate me, ya sister wanna rape me


All of these are 2-syllable rhymes (2 rhyming syllables, not 2-syllable long rhyming words) and I suppose it’s because anything longer would cause:


  1. Loss of flow.
  2. Uninteresting forcing of ideas.


Riff Raff has a real buttery flow that comes directly from how he writes his lines.  He gets as many ideas into a line as possible (“I done shook dice with Larry Bird in Barcelona”) which to me is a sign of great writing (brevity and all that).  Creatively, there aren’t many guys that can rap like this and enjoy it.  To reverse engineer something like this requires learning what kind of internal techniques he uses.  There’s a finite amount of really good ways to do this.  One of them seems to be:



So, assuming those are all rhymes, now I can program a little thing to give all rhyming words from these categories.  The idea being, putting together some rhymes from different categories can mechanize the cognitive process of making absurd rhymes.  Check it out here:



Click on the picture to get other results for the same rhyme scheme following the same ideas.


8 thoughts on “Riff Raff’s Internal Rhymes

  1. no says:

    how is this much different from what you bashed papoose for in that papoose still sucks article just wondering

  2. I just don’t really like Riff Raff that much. Even after reading this, I don’t see the hype about him. He bugs me.

  3. Hamza says:


  4. WE TRIPPY MANE says:


  5. cool vid yo. says:

    i haven’t been on this site in a while (since the articles u wrote about finding samples on youtube.) and I’ve noticed quite a bit of material about rappers who to me and i believe many others are sub-par.
    and id just like to say I’m a little concerned. your opinion is ur own, and i cant say anything about that. but i believe this site is to bring statistics into hip hop, to bring this hard boiled FACT, which cannot be disputed, as opposed to another opinion. as a reader and a fan of hip hop, i normally object to overly simplified beats and lyrics, which tbh a 10 year old could write better, never the less me as a hip hop fan. i look out for those who are truly talented and do it for the love of hip hop or just making music, as opposed to those who use it as a tool to obtain money and fame.

    many people would call me a hater (probably the most overstated and overused used term in pop culture… yep people have started using it outside of hip hop for a while now. its definition has been skewed and twisted) but the fact of the matter is, i kinda feel that you are involving your opinion too much with what i believe as fact. i also seem to find you trying to almost validate your taste with these statistics. for example Juicy J, you have posted an article about consistency of a song, i felt like you were looking for that one thing to validate listening to juicy j. same goes for Gucci and wooh da kid.

    please don’t get me wrong, i love your website. and i love what you do, these articles do make an interesting read and can be applied onto other mc’s. but the reason i am commenting on this is due to the pedestal u are on. like i said, u took hip hop, something that was and still is full of opinions, and brought some facts into it, and for that reason some people might confuse you as a definitive voice as to what is good and what is of the lesser quality.

  6. Riff Raff brrings the rice OUT

  7. Blaze says:

    3wheel through the olympics!

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