The Eddy Curry Line

Eddy Curry, the former New York Knick Center, was one of the most unique performers of all-time. Even when he was a decent scorer – hovering around 20ppg – he added little value to his team. He was a poor rebounder and an ever poorer passer who turned the ball over at a high rate. It’s a crippling combination that is frustrating to watch.   He was so awful that fantasy geeks turned his poor play into a joke statistic: The Eddy Curry Line.

Eddy Curry Line: : A player’s Curry Line ratio is his combined assists, steals, and blocks totals divided by his total turnovers.

Play around with the stats here.  There’s a unique kind of player that I love; ones that don’t demand touches, rebound, pass and take care of the basketball.  These are the guys I like playing with and the guys who I’ll always root for.  Guys like Jamario Moon (6th in the league for guys who played more than 750 minutes) who got NO respect in his time with the Toronto Raptors.

It takes a sense of knowing what you like and finding guys who fit the specific statistical combination.  Which is what RapMETRICS is.


One thought on “The Eddy Curry Line

  1. RapMETRICS is good when one wants to see the statistics though its not accurate but it brings up the evaluation of performance

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