Young Zee Is The Shit

Young  Zee, of the Outsidaz, is one of the weirdest rhymers ever.  Legend has it that he had a big influence on Eminem in the transition away from Infinite era mechanical rhyming to a looser, assonance heavy, shorter word burst style.  Zee’s style is one of the biggest influences on my rhyme dictionary.  Listening to him confirms to me everything I love about rhyming.

Obvious subtle differences include his end-consonant usage but it’s the same design principles in rhyme structure.  This is my favorite rhyme scheme I think.  It’s the same one Earl Sweatshirt opens with.  Sonically, it’s really versatile and many words in the English language abide to the design structure of the rhyme.


One thought on “Young Zee Is The Shit

  1. Theorist says:

    What other Young Zee would you recommend? He seems quite critically unpopular so its better to find out from a fan what albums etc are good.

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