I Like Wooh Da Kid

Wooh Da Kid raps with a phonetic intensity few rappers do.  His ability to stretch vowel sounds allows him to say:

This is Southside, we on the South side.

I’m ridin’ with Southside, so boy keep ya mouth quiet

The word [quiet] is a two syllable word with an unstressed syllable at the end (something linguists call a Trochee).  Really, [side] and [quiet] aren’t rhymes but, because of the rhyming stressed vowel sounds before it – [South]+[Mouth] – he’s able to sneak in the small “it” sound.

Wooh doesn’t rap like a bitch, which is important.  The intensity of a Southside beat and Wooh Da Kid’s presence make this an interesting bar.  He does it again later in the song:

Four black niggas ridin’ in a old Ford

Anything slippin’ and them niggas bout to go for it

Here the rhyme is [Old Ford] and [Go For].  Because he hits those words violently, he can squeeze in the word “it”, an unstressed pronoun, at the end of the bar.   Wooh Da Kid seems to operate in two modes:

  1. Ending a bar with two stressed syllables.
  2. Ending a bar with a Cretic

Either way, it’s the kind of intensity and focus on long vowel sounds that I love to listen to.  The kind of focus on long sounds that Bricksquad takes seriously.  I think it’s party because of their ability to write great hooks that rely on them stretching sounds to catch up with whatever Southside, Luger, et al can come up with.  Since they’re so hook oriented, they end up transferring that style over to their actual raps.

Wooh Da Kid’s Black Out is a must if you’re not a coward and like rap.

Heuristics: this is a specific technique that relies on 2 stressed rhyming syllables followed by a small “it” like sound.  We can call it a “Wooh Rhyme”. I’m going to incorporate it into my rhyme dictionary very soon.  Hopefully it gives cool ass results.


2 thoughts on “I Like Wooh Da Kid

  1. rob says:

    He’s in the South now, so why wouldn’t he be able to do that? SQUAD!!!!!!(Flocka Voice)

  2. AK says:

    Love this post.

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