The Letter ‘L’: Part 1

Rhyming the letter L is tough and awkward.  Not many consonants in English sound like it (R) so it’s use in rap has lead to some inventive shit. Take Big L from Put it On:

I got the wild style, always been a foul child
My guns go BOOM BOOM, and yo’ guns go pow-pow

Here, the words [child] and [pow] are the end sounds as a part of the bigger rhyme. Big L twists the word [child] which has a root sound like the word [eye] to rhyme with [pow].

On paper [eye] and [pow] aren’t close to being rhymes but because of the [-L] sound attached to the word [child], we get a vowel sound that sounds a lot like [pow]. The key is, when Big L raps, he pronounces syllables with a creative intensity few other rappers do. It’s what made him so great.

Anyways, I incorporated this into my rhyme dictionary.


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