Heady Concept Rhyming Shit

I wrote a little while ago about WordNet, a dictionary that works on a lexical hierarchy (or w.e).  What it means is that using this dictionary, we can find out that the words “Car” and “Bicycle” are closer to each other than say, “Car” and “Water”.  Why does this matter?  Well, cause manipulating the dictionary helps us find rhyming words that are closely related.  So, I implemented a rough version of this into the rhyme dictionary.

Figure 1. The words in purple are the RELATED RHYMES.

So the word fruit, understood as “the consequence of some effort or action”, gives the closely related rhymes:

    • Bloom:the period of greatest prosperity or productivity”
    • Root: “the place where something begins, where it springs into being”

See, because the definition for “fruit” are randomized (there are many ways to interpret the word), the definition we’re matching has to do with TIME.  And the rhymes in the same conceptual space have to do with time periods of great change.  Fruit/Bloom/Root have to do with shit changing from one state to another (while the word Drupe is just some fruit).

Results are always randomized so a new search would give some other crazy heady concept related rhymes.


One thought on “Heady Concept Rhyming Shit

  1. You my acquaintance are a genius

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