How to Rhyme Like Great Rhymers

I was listening to Broken Wing the other day, one of the most technically impressive songs ever where Qwel manages to rhyme his ass off about Christianity and other important things to him.  At the end of his 2nd verse though he does something super impressive that motivated me understand it and duplicate the technique with RapMETRICS.  He spit:

Frozen in a glimpse of hope
Focus dimmed and interscoped
Floatin winter’s splintered boat
Notice hiss in intervals
Lotus twigs and integrals
Known as bitch to flitty hoes
Golden grip and fixing votes
Sold us six in Christmas “ho’s”
Broken scripts and videos
Jokin jist skinny bows
Locin shitty city folk
Hopin if the kiddies quote
Cool rhymes.  He’s flipping a 3-syllable rhyme on itself.  So, he’s carrying two rhymes here throughout:
      Frozen in                                            Glimpse of hope
  Focus Dimmed                                  Interscoped   
Notice Hiss                                         Intervals       
     Lotus Twigs                                        Flitty hoes         
Frozen in has two stressed sounds that matter.  The “OW” sound from the first half of the word Frozen (think just “Froze”) and the “IH” sound from the word “in”.  Backwards, the IH sound would come first and the OW sound would end the rhyme which is the structure of  “Glimpse of Hope”.  Here’s a simpler way to understand it.
So, I made sure that the user could go from “Frozen in” to “Glimpse of hope” on my rhyme dictionary.
1. Original Rhyme Scheme
2. The “Qwellian :Flipped Rhyme Scheme

3 thoughts on “How to Rhyme Like Great Rhymers

  1. staypositive says:

    This guy is a rhyme doctor, his syllables, rhymes, lines, wordplay, damn.
    forgot what I was gonna say…………
    I love this blogg, at least u can find some solutions here if u into understanding lyrics.
    Thumbs up man 😉

    N/B: Got some questions to ask u if u don’t mind


  2. Andre Henderson says:

    This post enlightened me about the brilliance of Qwel & Typical cats, much respect.

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