Visualizing Lyrics

The new Royce+Eminem song is pretty telling in just how hard “lyricist” rappers like Royce (and Eminem too, to an extent) are having in getting their talent across to the the listening audience.  It’s becoming increasingly hard to just get by on rhyming ability.  In this song Fast Lane, Eminem and Royce experiment with visual rhyming aids in their song.  The idea being that showing their rhyming in pictures and PowerPoint Word Art, people may be more inclined to watch the video (and maybe buy the music?).

It’s probably a self-defeating attitude though; words, on their own, with no real aesthetic brand built behind them come off meaningless and sloppy.  Further, the video’s message is hard to understand.  Royce is a serious no-fun battle rapper surrounded by cartoony word clouds in this video.

In stills, the video is downright silly.  It is an interesting idea though that’s probably a few years (and technological advances) away from being something serious.


2 thoughts on “Visualizing Lyrics

  1. sideshow says:

    The video was a little weird, but it did allow me to understand the lyrics better the first time around. There were little things that I wouldn’t have recognized without it. I like to read the lyrics when the song is playing – the video is a stab at incorporating that like you mentioned.

  2. Evan says:

    This reminds me a lot of what Lil’ Wayne had done with his 6 foot 7 foot video in which he interspersed his lip syncing of the track with slow motion scenes showing literal interpretations of his lyrics.

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