What Emotion Rhymes with Denim?

A fair critique of my rhyme dictionary has been that rhyming words in a vacuum don’t accomplish much.  It’s the connection of ideas that make things compelling and interesting to listen to.  Ideally, we want to start from a word X (or synonyms for X) and find rhyming words Y that fit a certain conceptual space.  In this case we have to:

  1. Find all words that are similar to Denim (Hyponyms).
  2. Find all words in the conceptual space of an Emotion or Feeling using WordNet.
  3. Find rhyming patterns between the two subsets using RapMETRICS algorithms.

So, what’s an emotion that rhymes with Denim?  First, we find all words that are similar to Denim.  Using WordNet hyponyms,  a partial list is below:

denim : : (usually plural) close-fitting trousers of heavy denim for manual work or casual wear

  • trouser
  • seat
  • pedal pusher
  • stretch pants
  • pajama
  • churidars
  • pantaloon
  • chino
  • slacks
  • short pants

Because I’m a big fan of the 3-syllable rhyme with no stress on the middle syllable, the word Pantaloon jumps out at me as a word that’s similar to Denim that I will choose to rhyme.  So now, we use cross reference words that represent an emotion or feeling with words that rhyme with Pantaloon:

  • Mood
  • Gloom
  • Ruth
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Gratitude

A partial list above with the coolest rhyme obviously being the Pantaloon – Gratitude scheme.  To recap, we started with a man-made artifact (Denim), found a cool sounding synonym for it (Pantaloon) and discovered a great rhyme (Gratitude) that fit a conceptual space we limited ourselves to (a Feeling or Emotion).


3 thoughts on “What Emotion Rhymes with Denim?

  1. AK says:

    This project continues to blow my mind.

  2. rapmetrics says:

    Thanks. I appreciate that.

  3. the rat says:

    do a study on max biggavel. i notice he’s pretty dense at times.

    Niggaz tried they best to hurt me, come and test the birdie
    I’m Tom Brady, you a Testeverde
    Yeah, old, washed-up with no arm strength
    He don’t show no remorse, he ain’t got a conscience
    He ain’t got the don sense to be the boss
    Who that nigga they they talkin’ ’bout, that he need the cost
    Biggavel’, bet I prove ’em wrong again just like the last wave
    I only get the money, hit the honeys that be nasty
    Blast me, caught ’em off the lean, took his breath away
    The ratchay, tore him off his jeans, took his vest away

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