Papoose Still Sucks.

One of my favorite songs from the new Waka mixtape is “Do It Big”.  A fun, high-energy song that features one of the least fun rappers of all-time.; Papoose.  Few rappers will ever have the palpable buzz Papoose generated and it’s a real shame he never did anything with it.  The problem with Papoose was that he always felt like technique was the ends in his raps.  He never used it to as a tool to achieve artistry.  He valued his ability to rhyme more than his ability to make music that was interesting to listen to.  Technique without emotion or purpose in rap is boring.  He jumps into the verse:

This the 22nd coming, straight out the effin dungeoun
I keep my weapon youngin, carry like a pregnant women

The structured, rigid 4-syllable rhyme scheme here is BORING.  It’s two words, each 2-syllable in length, rhyming with no real creativity anywhere.  His whole rhyme style is algorithmic and boring.  Here’s what will yield for that rhyme scheme:

And in general, the list above is more interesting because the words aren’t as rigid as Papoose makes it; 3 word combos, stress on the last syllable etc.  Papoose’s whole style is algorithmic and simple to duplicate.  The song is still really awesome though.


5 thoughts on “Papoose Still Sucks.

  1. Mike says:

    gtfo u fag

  2. JB says:

    Great post and website! Love it!

    I’ve seen you post on Jay-Z’s flow but could you also do a case study on Jay? From what I’ve seen with your study he mixes a little bit of everything: BIG’s rhyme density, Em/Fab’s use of multi’s, Em’a use of internal rhymes, Wayne’s flow, etc. Thanks.

  3. hidden says:

    Can you do something on Nicki? I’m wondering how she stacks up with everyone else. Just judging from her Monster verse, she seems technically gifted.

    Pink wig, thick ass, give them whiplash
    I think big, get cash, make them blink fast

  4. fjkdsi says:

    Uncle Murda killed that, with the least technical verse but he got jokes…

  5. […] limited type of analysis.  Certain guys can market themselves as lyrical when really, empirically, nothing they do is that impressive.  Conversely, certain rappers considered ‘simple’ or ‘garbage’ for their […]

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