My Fav DOOM Bar Ever

Not a lot of Bling,
When he do the thing, Bada boom, Bada bing

I get hard when I hear those bars. A few reasons why it’s so dope:

1) The syllable structure is crazy. Visualize it like this:

5 syllables (end bar)
5 syllables (pause), 3 syllables (pause), 3 syllables (end line)

Even more awesome, the 5 syllables is 5 words, each 1 syllable in length and the 3 syllables is one 2-syllable word and one 1-syllable word.

2) What makes the first line specially crazy is how it’s playing off some Shakespearean sonnet jumping from stressed to unstressed syllables shit.  Here’s the bar with stress highlighted.

Not a lot of bling.


DOOM is jumping from syllable to syllable by alternating stress. It’s what creates that dope “off-the-tongue” feel.


3 thoughts on “My Fav DOOM Bar Ever

  1. Malik says:

    This is off DANGERDOOM correct? DOOM is a master at style and structure. Add that with his off the wall humor/references and word choice, he’s in my top 3.

  2. q says:

    review this freestyle my buddy sent over.

    do u need the lyrics?

    to do all the count shit and %???

  3. Rob Travieso says:

    Iambic pentameter. You should check out a book called The Anthologist, by Nicholson Baker. And he, in turn, should be checking out this site…

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