Making a Punchline Extractor: Test #1 Styles P

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could you could input lyrics and extract all of the hard punchline raps from it?  A difficult project sure, but I’m going to try a real novel approach.  Because I feel well versed in Styles P’s A Gangster and a Gentleman (first hearing Soul Clap on Vol. 5 of the And1 mixtapes and falling in love with the album shortly after).  I’m going to use this album as a start for creating this extractor.

Styles P has a very distinct style for punchlines.  The first bars on Gangster/Gentleman he spits:

Everyday I need an ounce and a half
S.P. the only flower that you know, with a bounce in a half
Listen kid, I need a mountain of cash
So I could roll up, hop in the whip and like, bounce to the ave


Consecutive rhyming bars where the second bar is significantly longer in length (25% longer in syllable length we’ll say) than the one before is what we’re going to consider a Styles P punchline.  This is a very specific type we’re defining here.  That’s the thing people don’t realize about what the goal of RapMETRICS is.  It’ not about ranking rappers or saying what’s good and what isn’t.  It’s trying to understand what it is artists are doing and measuring how often.  There’s recurring techniques involved and I’m just trying to understand it.  Anyways, here’s Styles P’s I Get High with the punchlines highlighted:

The lines where the syllable length increases a lot are (more than 50%) some of my favorite in Styles P’s whole catalog (“high as a kite”, “smoke like a chimney”, “I need an ounce and a half”).  Styles P is layered as an artist and the extending style is one he abondonds a little on more personal tracks like “My Brother” and “Black Magic”.  A Gangster and a Gentleman is one of my favorite albums ever and one I constantly listen to and try to overstand.


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