Crime Pays Was DOPE!

I don’t care what anybody says.  I loved this album beginning to end and Cam was in the pocket lyrically on EVERY song.  He posted some stupid rhyme scores and had some of my favorite bars ever ever.   With that, here are some of the doper end-rhymes from that album:

zoo zoo —- do boo
zoo crew —- do you
your wishin —- you gettin
your mother —- my brother
your mother —- it gutter
your laptop —- pad locked
you suffer —- your plumber
you staying —- you paying
you haters —- ’em paper
you delirious —- my period
who this —- few bricks
well disaster —- you bastard
weave naps —- seized, snatched
vicious Ave —- bitches ass
unlucky died —- Kentucky fried
type her —- sniper (sniper)
tyler perry —- halle berry
trey deuce —- Grey Goose
to mission —- to Kitchen
to consumers —- red laguna’s
this world —- kiss girls
they frigid —- 8 digits
these profits —- 80 rockets
them vapors —- you haters
the wire —- a liar
the sorta —- quarter mortar
the sentra —- in benter
the rudest —- a nudist
the radiator —- later
the logo —- no homo
the lighter —- a diaper
the highway —- drive way
the contender —- a temper
the bluest —- Ashanti foolish
that’s Tara —- Ms. Mascara
that’s scary —- say blackberry
that’s Sarah —- that’s Tara
that’s Clara —- that’s Sarah
that’s 55K —- in 5A
test me? —- jet ski
summer Z’s —- hundred G’s
stop playing —-  saying
stole something —- hold something
stamp uh —- ramp ma
spectacular  —- that dracular
spacely rockets —- these profits
something else —- something else
solve them —- in Harlem
sniper (sniper) —- the lighter
snap shots —- fast drops
snack box —- snap shots
slingin?  —- blingin?
slaughtered porter —- scorers aura
silly secrets —- keep it
she hurls —- me girl
serve her —- her gerber
seized, snatched —- teeth caps
seen it —- never cheated
say mahhhh… —- say ahhh…
rim shop —- been hot
relax dear —- ask where
red laguna’s —- my juniors
raptors, Toronto —- lawn mowed
ramp ma —- ram hard
rag top —- dad got
quarter mortar —- slaughtered porter
pyro  —- a gyro
put in —- working woman
pussy yall —- pussy yall
pussy yall —- pussy walls
pussy walls —- pussy yall
pussy hole —- tootsie roll
prove it —- music
polished kit —- demolished it
po po —- go yo
playing poker —- baking soda
pigeons know —- pigeon toed
one time —- punch line
on youtube —- new dude
on worst —- a converse
on fire —- the tires
Ohio  —- pyro
No T-Mac —- G stacks
no show —- the low-low
no homo —- po po
no enzyme —- been blind
no cob —- go sob
new shoes —- you lose
new dude —- new shoes
new boots —- loop lou
never trashy —- pass me
never bet —- never met
needin’ favors —- im major
need convo —- raptors, Toronto
my slurper —- her bertha
my juniors —- the tuna
my history? —- big mystery
must miscontinue —- end you
more sex —- tour yet
moon us —- spoon us
milly skeeted —- beat it
merry year —- go, everywhere?
meant it —- meant it
meant it —- is splendid
me nothing —- belly button
maybe me —- baby me
mama mia —- Condoleezza
main chick —- same clique
machete season —- already bleeding
love free —- of bubbly
loop lou —- crew coupe
lips wet —- to Dipset
like pronto —- need convo
like her —- wife her
like Crisco —- the disco
legs long —- head strong
last year —- pap smear
kiss it —- kiss it
kiss it —- kiss it
kiss it —- kiss it
kiss it —- kiss it
kiss it —- kiss it
kiss it —- kiss it
kinda lonely —- that pony
Kevin liles —- Camron Giles
juice (Lady) —- juice (Lady)
juice (Lady) —- juice (Lady)
John Doe’s —- like Rondo
jet ski —- sex me
jack pot —- mad rocks
it twisted —- it twisted
it gutter —- you suffer
in 5A —- in 9J
I remember —- the contender
I play —- skies gray
hurt her —- about murder
homi, homicide —- homi, homicide
hold me —- soccer goalie
hoe’s, condo’s —- Dom Mo
her bertha —- serve her
head gone —- bread long
have knots —- jack pot
hardest  —- new charges
hard purse —- like starburst
grow weed —- nose bleeds
grimey dude —- Chinese food
got it —- feeling melodic
gonna persevere —- purses here
gonna be —- wanna be
go yo —- no show
go sob —- oh god
go rob —- no cob
go masterbate —- ain’t graduate
gleaming heavy —- and semi
getting hectic —- me naked
getting erotic —- cock it
gets crazy —- your baby
get escorted —- snort it
game goes —- a rainbow
G stacks —- breeze back
from avis —- ora contagious
flu flu —- zoo zoo
flight attendant —- meant it
feel shit —- field trip
fast drops —- have nots
expensive spread —- extensive head
drove by —- know five
double mint —- US government
Domma Domma —- Parana’s momma
Dom Mo —- John Doe’s
dirty dirty —- hurry hurry
different venue —- must miscontinue
demolished it —- bullshit politics
delivery  —- seen misery
daughters oughta —- bora, bora
dad got —- your laptop
curve trick! —- curve trick!
curve trick! —- curve trick!
curve trick! —- curve trick!
curve her —- a squirter
couting money —- counting money
cookin up —- cookin’ up
concern me —- My attorney!
cock it —- spacely rockets
choo choo —- said \”sow-woo\”
carotid  —- sugar coated
Byrd Lady] —- Byrd Lady
Byrd Lady —- gets crazy
bynacula  —- spectacular
butt dunkey —- slut monkey
burp her —- chirp her
bread long —- legs long
boo ho —- boo boo
boo boo —- zoo crew
body bag —- body tagged
being candid —- for granted
been bugging —- Lucien’s cousin
beam it —- seen it
as ever —- leather
are pigeon —- are living
are living —- linen,
apple juice —- Apple Coupes
and semi —- tyler perry
all connected —- getting hectic
add rice —- mad ice
a tiring —- wiring
a shower —- an hour
a parameter —- a camera
a nudist —- the bluest
a liar —- on fire
a firefighter —- a Spyder
a converse —- hard purse
9 spray —- that’s 55K
& mocha —- playing poker


One thought on “Crime Pays Was DOPE!

  1. Si Squires-Kasten says:

    I’d be interested in learning what Cam’rons NWP is, not only on Crime Pays but throughout his career. I’d be willing to bet it is reasonably low

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