Thank Me Later (for this information)

Look at this fancy chart I created to show the profile of the types of songs Drake has used on his debut album:

This graph tabulates the amount of syllables Drake spits in each rapping verse.   What we see is a gradient that seperates Drake into 3 seperate types of songs.  The 1st type with extremely low amounts of syllables per verse is Drake the singer (Find Your Love) .  Here, he flexes his vocal skills and shows off his versatility as an artist by going into full R&B mode.  The 2nd type (Lights Up, Miss Me and Thank Me Now) is Drake the rapper.  In these songs, he spits long continuous verses with no chorus introductions.  This is Drake the MC.  The most frequent style he employs, and the one that his fans gravitate the most to, is spitting structured 16 bar verses seperated by strong hooks.    What’s interesting is that his first three singles from this album had one song from each category.  This isn’t a coincidence as the management team behind him had clear intentions to showcase his overall ability.


3 thoughts on “Thank Me Later (for this information)

  1. n.a says:

    Are you saying better MCS use more syllables???
    i would love for you to review or take a look at Das Racist!!!!

  2. PhatPress says:

    I think by “Drake the singer” you meant “Drake the auto tuner”.

    There’s nothing “singer” about any of the “singing” on his album.

    Just my two cents.

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