Check this shit out. Every MF DOOM end rhyme pairs he ever spit!!!

your stereo —- heady yo
your section —- of protection
your reptiles —- a stepchild
your laboratory —- his oratory
your ideals —- high heels?
your eyelid —- white bitch
you vocal —- the bogle
you over —- be sober
you losin —- to oozin
you death-defyin’ —- stop lyin’
you deadly —- and Heavy
you conscience —- the monsters
you already —- you deadly
yo bidness —- shit list
yellow mouth —- fellow out?
yellow belly —- the jelly
ye straight —- ye straight
yay habit —- ricochet rabbit
ya badder —- Jacob ladder
Wu-Tang symbol —- and simple
wrecking —- all guessing
worst known —- thirst bone
world record —- girl naked
word game —- nerd frames
word flinch —- herb since
won’t rest —- don’t fess
without em —- about him
with Stella —- on Godzilla
with Rocky —- not cockney
with razors —- with lasers
with nobody —- so nutty
with lasers —- besides blazers
with ëcha —- bit ëcha\”
wit’ ‘im —- wit’ ‘im
wine stiffly —- a jiffy
white girl —- tight curl
white bitch —- light switch
whack housewife —- how trife
went platinum —- gat him
weed head* —- he’s dead
we breathing —- enforcement even
wasn’t trickin —- the chicken
wasn’t bullshittin —- he quittin’
was looser —- abuse her
was light-speed —- white weed
was break-neck —- tape deck
was biting —- like lightning
warned y’all —- Sean Paul
warn you —- on you
walk it —- stalk it
violent mob —- Silent Bob
via barter —- via charter
verse pie —- first try
Vaudeville Villain —- Vaudeville Villain
van screeches —- man preaches
use loosely —- crews see
use it —- drum’n’bass music
unseen feels —- between meals
type vicious —- pipe wishes
twist tightly —- bite me
twist it —- kiss it
TV blooper —- D.B. Cooper
turned off —- burned off
turn shit —- burn shit
try harder —- the fire-starter
trunk fulls —- shrunkured? bundles
trope drums —- are dunce
trickles down —- popsicle stand
trick him —- Face victim!
totin toast —- loading dose
tote that —- dough at?
top slot —- cop shot
too tricky —- doo hicky
too tight —- crude light
told ya —- Money Folder
told me —- told me
told me —- Ol’ E
told me —- livin’ coldly
toast yo —- breakfast toast
to ticks —- two knicks
to sparkin —- no talkin
to slaughter —- saw ya
to Satan —- he’s awaiting
to Satan —- he’s awaiting
to refuel —- \”he cool\”
to Maryland? —- maid Carolyn
to Heaven —- Number Seven
to Fuddrucker —- and bloodsucker
to follow —- place hollow
to eyeballs —- pie walls
to detox —- your beatbox
tits though —- let’s go
tick tock —- lip drop
thumbs up? —- sums up
through it —- to it
thrillin, villain.. —- stealin, villain..
Three? (None!) —- me? (None!)
three-fifths divisible —- it visible
three-card dead —- got bled
three minutes —- it’s sterile
three fads —- with kneepads
thought process —- born stress
this combination —- to Satan
this combination —- biochemical manifestation
thing and —- I’m bringin
thin razor —- players,
thick skin —- mixed in
they’re guessin —- I’m stressin’
they’re bad —- wear plaid
they head-piece —- dead cease
then tequilla —- ten wheeler
them Yankees? —- thanks mee’s
their yo-yo —- Rebecca Lobo
the yayo —- lay low
the women —- the super-villain
the window —- our crescendo
the wicked —- sneak guns
the uzi —- a doozy
the ugly —- cadi buggy
the tittle —- the griddle
the teacher —- the ethers
the Sterling —- God earlin’
the slickster —- pick her
the rumor —- a tumor
the racket —- straight jacket
the proper —- ?abus? knocker
the piano —- dos y’ano
the orders —- get slaughtered
the oceans —- the lotions
the newspaper —- caped crusader
the mix-up —- kicks up
the middle —- and Skittles
the masses —- hot molasses
the loyalty? —- amongst royalty
the limelight —- of dynamite
the lessons —- of guessing
the landing —- souls vanish
the humble —- to rumble
the hotel —- old gear
the hallway —- no foreplay
the griddle —- a little
the golddigger —- old nigga
the glory —- similar story
the foundation —- face in
the fire-starter —- via barter
the feeling —- a killing
the eyeball —- fly call?
the ethers —- teen features
the dungeon —- the spongin
the Coca-Cola —- the Motorola
the canvas —- praying mantis
the calistetic —- said it
the butler —- her muffler
the buildings —- little villains
the basics —- the Matrix
the baboon —- stab wounds
that loogie? —- D.L. Hughley
that go? —- black ho
that drastic —- a Aztec
that careless?\” —- the terrace
thang thang —- bang bang
ten speed —- then freeze
tell yous —- L juice
tell ya —- sell ya
teen features —- pack bleachers
Teddy Ruxpin —- tux then
tall riches —- the snitches
talent show —- the Alamo
talent show —- the Alamo
tag bunch —- bag lunch
Tad Ghostal —- mad postal
tacky —- smack me
swoon her —- a crooner
sweet too —- see through
surround you —- pound you
surprise hidin —- wiseguy grin
surely wilder —- Early Cuyler
supposed to —- your composure
super villain- —- a million
style scorin —- you’re pourin
strong words —- song bird
strong supporter —- bong water
streets call —- meat balls
street haglin —- beat braggin
street chick —- the freaknick
street act) —- like Sweetback)
stray wests —- day bless
strange bedfellows —- for shell-toes
straight lifted, —- motherfucking statistics
stop flippin —- Waltz Whitman
stop cryin —- you death-defyin’
still slow —- like LILCo
still ongoing —- con flowin’
stick, yo —- kick slow
stealin, villain.. —- a villain..
stayed stiff —- homemade gift
stay sedated —- say faded
stay fresh —- mae west
stay dipped —- away whip
staring at? —- WEARING THAT?
staring at? —- disappearing act
star scream —- ‘na mean?’
stand worse —- man purse
stalk it —- caulk it
squirt her —- murder, murder
sprayed Kif —- played Biff
spray it —- pay it
speak up —- freeze up
space suits —- face cute
space suit —- ate food
Space Ghost —- out-taste most
space cannon —- Race Bannon
sound dumb —- crowns flung
sound crunchy —- her scrunchie
song say —- wrong way
son lungin —- last Munchkin
some money —- Sunday funnies
sold crack —- tote that
soft mangoes —- cloth Kangols
Sofa, King… —- Sofa King
so witty —- no pity
So remember! —- A-J-U-A-N-A {*xylophone*}
so rancid —- jazz standard
so giddy —- so witty
so distance —- an instant
so butter —- slow cutter
so bad —- hoe had
sneak guns —- unique hons
snatched gold —- black snow
slow gee —- my homie
Slinky, yo’ —- Twinkie dough
sleep sometime —- them rhymes
slave calls —- maze halls
slang cuss —- dang fuss
skins gender —- legal tender
skin it —- win it
skin blazer —- thin razor
singing* Houston —- Goose and
sick story —- for me
sick glow —- brick go
shunned it —- worship death
showed me —- owe me
show them… —- show them
show skills —- no bills
shot spray —- D.A. latte
shot glasses —- the masses
shoes then —- start cruisin
shoe in —- to ruin
shmillain, villain —- a villain..
shit be —- so giddy
shirt on —- skirt on
shillin, villain —- shmillain, villain
she know —- Slinky, yo’
she blows —- she goes
shaved balls —- slave calls
sharp turn —- the heartburn
shananegan, bucko —- to stucco
shake em —- my basement
seven days —- seven ways
settle case —- pedal pace
serious setbacks —- get stacks
sea shell —- 3 cell
script digits —- lisp midget
scopin her —- more opener
scooped it —- curse stupid
scary act —- Mary Mack
scar mode —- the barcode
scar meat —- with Starfleet
says 2003 —- jiggy MC
say so —- Argentinian pesos
say scheming —- in it!
say it —- weigh it
sandwich salad —- bland ballad
sand beaches —- hand reaches
same way —- lame’s pay
same place —- shame pace
said Jake —- hell headache
rules bro —- like Hugo
rowdy crew —- he blew
rooster yappin —- style rappin
rookie yes-men? —- cookie chessmen
rolled L’s —- so well
Rod Sterling —- the Sterling
rock, what? —- locked up
rock it —- pick pocket
riled up —- dried up
right here —- worst nightmare
Riddler, Batman —- the Fatman?
ricochet rabbit —- stab it?
Richard Pryor —- spit fire
rich way —- bitch say
rhyme lightly —- fine gee
rhyme flow —- dime hoes
rest an’ —- best an’
respect yourself —- wreck yourself
relax G —- collapse B
red blooded —- head butted
rectal hysterectomy —- foul technically
recoup me —- per groupie
recognize real —- mechanized steel
Rebecca Lobo —- Tribeca, Soho
really Spanish —- account vanish
really picked —- he did
real life —- steel knife
real butterball —- out, gutterball
quickly fumble —- and mumbles
push ’em —- mush him
punch me —- Guido Sarducci
pull it —- ’em bullets
Prince Paul —- since y’all
precedes you —- dweeb you
post mortem —- caught him
pork it —- walk it
population —- pimpin occupation
polyester blend —- lesser men
plus plenty —- like twenty
plot thicken —- big pen
players, —- free gay’ers
play, right? —- broad daylight
play hookey —- play bookey
plastic jaw- —- drastic law
pissed and —- keys, stacked
piss barley —- Chris Farley
piss barley —- Chris Farley
piss barley —- Chris Farley
piss barley —- Chris Farley
pinky toe —- she know
pig snot —- ink spots
Pig paper —- Cat caper
pig ham —- fig jam
picker upper —- a snicker
pick her —- malt liquor
Peter Parker —- my locker
pet rock —- sweat box
perched atop —- Hip Hop
per strand —- he understands
Pepa, Spinderella —- Helen Keller
penny straight —- any rate
pay dough —- get Maaco
pathetic road —- genetic codes
paper cup —- paper up
pack guns —- back-to-back runs
own dance —- lone glance
owe me —- slow gee
out-taste most —- lake toast
out independantly —- bendin me
our vices —- the dices
our crescendo —- friend though
other voice —- butta moist
other time —- mother rhyme
Orville Redenbocher —- the proper
oranges, apples —- Lemonade Snapple
or thunder —- don’t wonder
or baldy —- saw me
oo-ey smoking —- Nanto Koukakuken
one-third amazing —- Thunderbird occasion
one time —- reflectin sunshine
one switch —- one bitch
one rhyme —- thin line
one king —- fun fling
one fuck? —- three-piece nun-chucks
One Chiney —- pine tree
once propelled —- gadgets imaginable
on Houston —- Broadway browsing
on D-Day —- he say
on crooked —- on crooked
on B.P.T. —- free TV
of wacko —- crack hoe
of trouble —- the bubble
of profits —- in pocket
of potions —- of notions
of panties —- the grannies
of notions —- the oceans
of m-80’s —- them ladies
of Guinness —- three minutes
of guessing —- rookie yes-men?
of cokey —- a okey-dokey
of co-dependence —- bein co-defendants
of a —- time brother
odd Merlin —- Rod Sterling
odd favors —- Rod Lavers
obliged friend —- thighs then?
nothing twitch —- on-button switch
not cockney —- knock knees
no puzzle —- Doc Zizmor
no makeup —- break up
no foreplay —- all day
no counting —- our fountain
no bills —- go chill
no beef —- close sheets
ninja here —- ginger beer
niggaz, homies? —- know me
nigga poodle —- get bamboozled
nigga nations —- for litigations
nickname Musty —- and crusty
next mile —- and exile
next male —- to exhale
next exit —- forget it
new tracks —- two backs
new machete —- you already
new guy —- to high
never budges —- like grudges
nervous pharoah —- burning arrow
nervous large —- service charge
needs me —- you’re free\”
need-to-know basis —- no faces
need topal —- soap will
need somethin —- the frontin
need Ortho-TriCylin —- the women
neck race —- neck brace
neatly conquered —- completely bonkered
nearly jacksons —- and braxton’s
naturally scented —- of Guinness
n’ jiver —- n’ diver
n’ diver —- yuck, saliva
my thing —- was biting
my pajamas —- (popcorn mama)
my number —- I remember
my lifetime —- incite crimes
my dunny —- and money
my divinity —- great enmity
my dealins —- the ceilin’-
my bitches —- bitch, nigga
my belly\” —- the telly\”
my belly\” —- the Telly\”
murder, murder —- hurt her
mud fly —- bud dry
much thinnner —- touchin her
Mr. T —- no mystery
moves cash —- scooby-doo mask
mouth up —- house up
motherfucking statistics —- death certificates,
more thicker —- malt liquor
more so —- thought so
more power —- M. Sayyid
moon bound —- goon pound
Moet demi’ —- the semi’
mind shifty —- nine fifty
Miller Time —- killer dime
might trife —- might like
might like —- white wife?
microphone checker —- Home-Ec homewrecker
mic cords —- hyped for
mental techniques —- neck geeks
meet you —- sweet too
mechanized steel —- your ideals
meat grinder —- sweet minor
mean much —- green Dutch
me, indirectly —- half correctly
me Vaughny —- too scrawny
maze halls —- cave walls
Max Mill —- tax bill
mature black —- pulled back
mask handy —- it dandy
mashed potato —- a tornado
man preaches —- sand beaches
man distance —- ear son
man Cotter —- with nada
man bitchin —- band twitchin
malt liquor —- a fixture
make quadruple —- his pupil
make it —- break it
mae west —- stray wests
made man —- laid plan
mad stressings —- and addresses
Mad Drama —- (popcorn mama)
mack on —- back on
mack hos —- GAT go
luck story —- yuck gory
lower sentence —- a penance
Love X] —- word flinch
Love X] —- the effect
lost years —- the crosshairs
long day —- song say
Lone Ranger —- on Danger?
locker —- like soccer
locked up —- knocked up
local yokel —- need topal
loaded gauge —- (Road rage)
livin’ coldly —- be phony
little scam —- riddle jam
little loose —- little juice
little deeper —- Grim Reaper
lip drop —- hip hop
like tricycles —- like icicles…
like Sweetback —- street act)
like seinfeld —- like mindmeld
like scavengers —- Gregorian calendar
like pelican —- for freckles
like nickels —- they tickle
like Jason —- case in
like gecko —- do techno
like Doogie —- *swoosh* Mitsurugi
like camo —- more ammo
like areobic —- to phobic
lesser men —- need estrogen
less buttface —- shut case
leotard fest —- retards guess
Lemonade Snapple —- eat Scrapple
Lee said —- weed head*
leave food —- seem rude
learned off —- turned off
leaf part —- beef start
lay low —- pay dough
latex Trojan —- brain frozen
last turn —- and burn
last sentence —- end this
last Munchkin —- the dungeon
last look —- cash took
lane chosen —- latex Trojan
L juice —- hell loose
Ku Klux —- two fucks
knuckles glow —- buckle show
know him —- show ’em
knocked up —- locked up
King Midas —- Shaolin’s Finest
killing me —- killing spree
killed Tookie —- corrupts absolutely
kid show —- talking negros
kicks up —- stick up
keeps data —- sleep later
keep countin —- keep doubtin
just smoother —- just smoother
junk snack —- dunk smacked
Juicy Juice —- Juicy Fruit
joke vocal —- local yokel
John Henry —- Don Henley
jig slang —- Big Bang
jiffy son —- the 151
jet lag —- get bagged
it’s V! —- shit be
it’s so-so —- their yo-yo
it’s Nachos —- el gatos
it’s loco —- broke though
it, bubble-baller —- troubled caller
it ghetto —- get go
it crazy —- too lazy
Island massive —- last kid
is tax-free —- at acme
is one-sided —- your eyelid
is nonexistent —- so distance
is gone —- rings on
iron hand —- fryin’ pan
included Zorak —- in Borax
in trouble —- cup full
in Scrabble —- and babble
in pocket —- whistle rockets
in geniuses —- these, conveniences
in denial —- his pie-hole
in danger —- a stranger
improper helmet —- well spit
important spawnin’ —- sworn in
if that —- stiff hat
iced teas —- Rice Spicy
iced teas —- Rice Spicy
I’m zonin —- as Conan
I’m sober —- king cobra
I later —- ninth graders
I calmly —- in armies
hungry munchie —- punch me
how sickenin —- kickin in
hound you —- surround you
hot drink —- hot pink
homemade gift —- sprayed Kif
holdin hands —- golden chance
hold him —- semi colon
hold heat —- no beef
hit off —- shit off
history — —- Mr. T
his woody? —- hood, G!\”
his Timbo —- strip limbo
his pupil —- somethin’ useful
his oratory —- horror story
his bumper —- the thumper
him stranded —- be remanded
high-pitched ringin —- twitch bringin
her workplace —- smirk face
her goody —- chasin putty
helpful hardware —- or dare
hell alone —- gold telephone
Helen Keller —- with Stella
heavy dough —- your stereo
heart throb —- dart lob
heads roasted —- singing* Houston
head nigga —- my bitches
he’s disqualified —- bottle side
he starving —- and goblins
he say —- three ways
he run —- jiffy son
he king —- pinky ring
he got —- not diddly-squat
he blew —- howdy doo
hate though —- late show
hash melt —- cash belt
hand dish —- too outlandish
half moon —- the bathroom
haired grizzly —- is he?
gun play —- Faye Dunaway
great enmity —- befriending me?
got troubles —- snot bubbles
got son —- dear Wat-son
got plenty —- too many
got here —- hot beer
got flames —- hot dames
got bled —- spots red
goose scenario —- he go?
Godzilla blockbuster —- star cluster
girl naked —- a leopard
ghost her —- the poster
gets bitter —- with her
get, grunting —- one king
get-riche shit —- witch tit
get up —- head up
get quiet —- a riot
get Maaco —- odd favors
get it —- radio edit
get followed —- hag hollow
geeked up —- speak up
gather data —- roof Navigator
GAT go —- crack slow
gas chamber —- the stranger
gagged him —- black Magnum
gagged ’em? —- bags Magnum
G’s faster —- truly plastered
fuss B?\” —- bust me
fur collar —- for dollar
funky socks —- monkey pocks
fun stay —- a runway
fucking mojo —- a dojo
fucked Bertha —- squirt her
fryin’ pan —- tryin, man
frozen Pepsi’s —- me, indirectly
front porch —- blunt torched
front not —- blunt spot
from me —- a dummy
from depression —- they’re guessin
friend though —- lend dough
fried dreads —- thai heads
four eyes —- small fries
forget it —- less buttface
for vengeance —- last sentence
for hymens —- with diamonds
for humor —- find Pumas
for goodies —- Vitus hoodies
for freedom —- feed ’em
for freckles —- for Heckle’n’Jeckle
folk sheen —- poe dean
fly floes —- eye closed
fly eyes —- the sidelines
five minutes —- live witness
first try —- Worst Guy
first stone —- worst known
first met —- hurt yet
first cassette —- worst bet
finished first —- ours dispersed
fine gee —- One Chiney
fill me —- kill me
feel head —- steel lead
feed ’em —- need ’em
Faye Dunaway —- gay runaways
fatty swolla —- told her
fat blouse —- cat out
fat asses —- shot glasses
fast, lifted —- fucked Bertha
Face, rebuttal —- quite subtle
Face victim\”*} —- Face victim\”*}
Face victim\”*} —- Face victim\”*}
Face victim\”*} —- Face victim\”*}
face show —- and ayo’s
face in —- space in
eyes widened —- surprise hidin
every story —- ignore me
ever read —- never dead’
even edible —- in trouble
even blinkin —- man’s quicksand
empty —- John Henry
either or —- heater for?
edgy penny —- Reggie Denny
eat you —- meet you
easy dread —- peasy head
eardrum close-range —- most strange
E R-uh —- 3-D horror
duns, dunnies —- some money
dude right —- too tight
drug related —- buggy faded
drop nigga —- bigot-ass piglets
down willingly —- whole industry
dough flow —- the po-po
doubt it —- witout it
double rum —- bubble gum
divine source —- swine cost
dirty money —- be funny
dip dive —- zip drive
dig us —- for niggaz
die, whatever —- work together
did then —- kid when
did it —- a minute
dick dog —- thick fog
dice rigged —- sliced wig
deuce deuce —- truce truce
debt it —- the calistetic
death card —- left, god
dawn shit —- don’t quit
dat nigga —- the giga
darn tootin —- expect lootin
dare ye —- thing tri-yearly?
damn shame —- man name
damn low —- than Rambo
damn crook —- man shook
daily blues —- israeli tools
D.L. Hughley —- like Doogie
cute cuticles —- be beautiful
crude light —- food fight
crib age —- rib cage
crew relazing —- tracks and
cream puffs —- green stuff
cranky attitude —- fatter dude
Craftmatic adjustable —- that combustible
crack smoke —- stack loc
crack sale —- Black Tail
cous cous —- deuce deuce
corrupts absolutely —- your duty
cop out —- dropped out
completely bobo —- fucking mojo
complete breakfast —- cheap necklace
come closer —- supposed to
collection fee —- section Z
cocktail sauce? —- hell boss
clever nerd —- ever heard
classy ho —- nuclear pistachio
class front? —- last month
city glistened —- you’re sittin
Chris Farley —- piss barley
Chong’s daughter —- bong water
choked up —- spoked up
Chinese slippers —- Guyanese strippers
chicken wire —- friggin liar
Check it —- flick it
check it —- fast, lifted
check it —- ass nigga
Check Day —- Express way
chart toppa —- smart shoppa
cess pile —- next mile
cell off —- fell off
caught amnesia —- a Caesar
catch this —- diplomatic status
cast iron —- last siren
cash flow —- that go?
case scenario —- the stereo
case load —- face show
careless, fareless —- the terrace
car fender —- the bartender
candid? Granted —- so rancid
can happen —- what happened?
calm flow —- moms, yo
called me —- Paul C
call that? —- sold crack
cake hole —- flake mold
cadi buggy —- fatty juggy
bust guns —- trust funds
burly guys —- curly fries
bugged behavior —- a neighbor
brown tone —- I’m grown
bro’, exactamundo —- Rob Reiner
brains back —- train tracks
brain frozen —- blood flowin
bong water —- the slaughter
bong water —- strong supporter
body cast —- karate class
body blown? —- Fran Corleone
blue steel —- you feel
blue sandals —- to vandal?
blood flowin —- organs exposing
blind horse —- divine source
bleed me —- bleed me
black pistol —- he whistle
black market —- packed chocolate
black lungs —- pack guns
black ho —- mack hos
black folk —- crack smoke
Black boy —- Dan Akroyd
bite me —- that’s unlikely
biochemical manifestation —- to Satan
big poo —- a igloo
better tomorrow —- unforgettable sorrow
better pickle —- a nickel?
best host —- west coast
believe me —- meet Eevee
bein co-defendants —- lower sentence
befuddle scholars —- bubble hollars
bed area —- head area
beat braggin —- meat wagon
beard grow —- hair low
be troublesome —- double rum
be remanded —- candid? Granted
be legal —- baby eagle
be hurling —- my stearling
Bastards * —- Suspended Animation
bang bus —- slang cuss
bandit —- unhanded
band rock???] —- Herbie Hancock
ban it —- him stranded
bag you —- the Ragu
award show —- or no
average men —- savages scavenging
auditionin’ mortitions —- ignorin prison
at acme —- facts B
ass-crack slow —- snatched gold
ass stutter —- fast cutter
ass nigga —- night nigga
as massive-versatile, —- big-em-up monster-isle…
as alligators —- I utter
around you —- hound you
around rhymers —- whose old-timers
around here —- Town Square
and tan —- man’s hand
and spittles —- the tittle
and Skittles —- and spittles
and shit —- that’s right
and nature —- devil’s dangers
and mumbles —- ta rumble
and Jo-Jo —- and Coco
and hustlers —- and jugglers
and Heavy —- you ready?
and halo’s —- a J-O
and grizzly —- you pissy
and Ginger —- a ninja
and gargle —- since Boggle
and fermented —- naturally scented
and exile —- the X-Files
and dealin —- for squealin’
and crusty —- fuss B?\”
and Colby’s —- in Dolby
and Coco —- Stones logo
and cocky —- with Rocky
and burn —- an urn
and braxton’s —- a passion
and ayo’s —- and halo’s
amaze ya’ —- with razors
all snitches —- and pictures
all say —- the hallway
Afghani ? —- and suddenly
admit it —- hit it
actin standoffish —- raw crawfish
act fancy —- than Delaney
act broke —- black folk
across infinity —- my divinity
about shit —- doubt it
about Barbera? —- car mirror
A-J-U-A-N-A {*xylophone*} —- Mari-whana {*xylo*}
a white-belt —- light felt
a tumor —- for humor
a thumbhole —- gum sole
a tattle-teller —- it accapella
a tambourine —- world dream
a suicide-bomber —- with momma
a stepchild —- cess pile
a stand-in —- hands been
a soldier —- stomach ulcers
a smidgen —- a pigeon
a scandal —- Nigga Channel
a Rupple —- make quadruple
a runway —- gun play
a rendition —- your television
a potato —- late show
a Pisces —- cents Icees
a picture —- the slickster
a pepper —- sicker repper
a outfit —- about shit
a opera —- Orville Redenbocher
a okey-dokey —- too jokey
a mystery —- nigga, V\”
a minute —- Ghostface Killah
a million —- be chillin
a locker —- a opera
a leopard —- hot peppered
a kennedy —- across infinity
a J-O —- a peso
a instant —- like winston
a hurry —- don’t worry
a hour —- soul power
a gunfight —- run flight
a go-go —- completely bobo
a geezer —- caught amnesia
a editor —- like Predator
a dummy —- so friendly
a double —- the Hubble
a doctor —- the vodka
a DJ —- on D-Day
a chuckle —- a buckle
a brethren —- of heaven
a brawler —- much taller
a box-a-thon —- gon’ barbizon
a bottle —- magaziney model
a bomber —- (popcorn mama)
3-D horror —- realer drama
2 in —- you doing?
103 Street —- Beast eat
\”sacro-philly-ac\” (sacroiliac) —- milli black
\”Coochie Coochie\” —- a Hoochie?\”
‘n’ load —- ’em cold
‘gnac, horse-yak —- on horseback
?abus? knocker —- picker upper
, craftmatic —- catch this



  1. T says:

    I had a brief skim through the list and I noticed the “Wu-Tang symbol” line is an MF Grimm line from “Tick, Tick” on Operation Doomsday:

    “And we attact, we switch like the Wu-Tang symbol / Still kill Jack even though Quick and Nimble plain and simple” – MF Grimm

    I can only assume that there are other mistakes in this list as well. 😦

    • rapmetrics says:

      It’s the end rhymes from every song DOOM ever spit on. But still a pretty comprehensive list. Mistakes or not, it’s still a hell of a lot of information you can’t find anywhere else man.

  2. john wall says:

    yes yes yes chess chest bless desk deck the rest

  3. bryce says:

    love the blog man. short-time follower, first time commenter. great post dude 😀

  4. AK says:

    No Madvillainy stuff here, nah? Still, a totally staggering read.

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