Eminem = Cyclops, Dr. Dre = Xavier

In this article we’re going to detail Eminem’s transformation from Nas biter to Hip Hop icon. The numerical analysis presented here is used to help in the narration of his career. Used in context, RapMETRICS helps provide evidence to ideas I’ve have had for years.

Eminem in the mid 90’s was the prototype backpack rapper both in style and in stats, according to RapMETRICS. His debut album Infinite displayed both the good and the bad of where he was at the time. The good: He rhymed very efficiently and was just simple enough in his approach that he was an easy listen. The bad: The words he was using were still relatively long and he was making boring music. The Eminem of 1996 was at his best (and worst) on Infinite:

Ayo, my pen and paper cause a chain reaction
To get your brain relaxin, a zany actin maniac in action
A brainiac in fact son, you mainly lack attraction
You look insanely wack when just a fraction of my tracks run

His rhyme density on the opening bars of Infinite here is 0.83 (The average rapper being 0.25-0.3 and anything over 0.4 being  considered exceptional). Now, he doesn’t maintain this kind of rhyming efficiency on the album of course. He averages 0.40 rhyme density over the album mostly because of the amount of multi-syllabic rhymes he uses: 58% of rhymes being longer than 1-syllable in length WHICH IS AMAZING (average of 38% for other rappers).

Okay, his rhyming on this album was phenomenal. What was the problem if he rhymed so well? Well, his word usage was still raw and unpolished. One of the most important discoveries by RapMETRICS is just how efficient fans are at recognizing and listening to artists whose word usage is relatively low. This is really a reflection of the mass listening culture of hip-hop. An extremely high syllable per word average is not good, in simpler terms. Eminem averaged 1.35 syllables per word (SWP) on this album (which is around the threshold point of where mass acclaim becomes impossible I’ve found).  This value is also the highest of
his whole career.

He rhymed well and used big words. OK. We need a solid third variable if we’re scouts and deciding whether or not we can mold Eminem into a star. We call this variable NWP (Novel Word Proportion), which is calculated simply as:

Average percentage of words in the second line in a pair not appearing in the first

The idea being, complex artists will be a lot more dexterous in their word usage and score higher. As a statistic, this works very well with Ghostface Killah and MF Doom testing at the highest in our database of about 50 artists.

Eminem it turns out has an extremely low score of 0.88, which means that 88% of words that appear in consecutive lines are unique. The most similar artist in our database in NWP are DMX, Drake and Lil’ Wayne. Throughout his whole career, Eminem remains unbelievably consistent at 0.88 NWP. It’s a number that doesn’t deviate much throughout an artist’s career we’ve found.

This number helps support the argument that Eminem, as an artist, IS simple. An artist doesn’t gain millions of fans being as visceral as Eminem AND being complex in approach. His raps are easy to listen to and easier to understand. It’s good if you look at Eminem in 1996 as a prospect. The combination of high rhyme density and low NWP showcases skills while syllables per word can be looked at as being the product of a rapping style. So, hypothetically, all Eminem had to do was lower his syllables per word average and focus more on making music instead of rhyming and he’d be able to be a hit. Right?

“I Don’t care, Dre sent me to piss the world off” – My Name Is

The Slim Shady LP was vastly different in style and structure and that can be attributed to Dre’s ability to control Eminem and build him into a marketable, interesting artist. The Slim Shady LP considered by many to be Eminem’s absolute best work because of the harmonious result of a complex rhymer willing to dilute his style and a brilliant producer taking a raw MC and transforming him into a real musician.

The most important thing that happened on this album lyrically was that Eminem stopped focusing on rhyming so much, he stopped using so many goddamn big words and stopped rapping to rap. The first two points are simple to prove:

Well, his rhyming dropped. Why? Well it was because of how different Eminem was an emcee on SSLP than on Infinite. Again, take a look at the opening bars from Infinite:

Ayo, my pen and paper cause a chain reaction
To get your brain relaxin, a zany actin maniac in action
A brainiac in fact son, you mainly lack attraction
You look insanely wack when just a fraction of my tracks run

Notice how his rhyming is without purpose and direction in its potency? That was the problem on Infinite. He was showcasing skills but it was all over the place like when Cyclops doesn’t have his sunglasses on. Dr. Dre was Charles Xavier and helped Eminem concentrate and project that energy in concentrated spurts. The first few bars of the opener My Name is Displays this:

Hi kids! Do you like violence?
Wanna see me stick Nine Inch Nails through each one of my eyelids?
Wanna copy me and do exactly like I did?
Try ‘cid and get fucked up worse that my life is?
My brain’s dead weight, I’m tryin to get my head straight
but I can’t figure out which Spice Girl I want to impregnate
And Dr. Dre said, “Slim Shady you a basehead!”

He’s engaging the fans, with quotes and questions, there are overdubs (which were rare as heck on the whole Infinite LP) and being a much more interesting artist at the expense of rhyming density. These bars have a rhyme density of 0.32 and his syllable per word average here is 1.20. EXACTLY what he needed to do to gain critical and mass acclaim as a well-rounded artist.

The Slim Shady LP was a success and helped launch him into stardom. Statistically, his career provides a case study for RapMETRICS to use on artists in the future. Eminem is the high rhyming, low NWP guy who succeeded. The other guy most similar to Eminem in SPW, NWP and Rhyme Density? Fabolous.


27 thoughts on “Eminem = Cyclops, Dr. Dre = Xavier

  1. Lilly Russell says:

    Today thou, he’s even more different. Take Relapse for example, which was more of a Rapper Rap Album rather than a commercial album, But still a commercial success in today market. Here his Skills are off the charts imo. I have to imagine it would Rap-metrically also no?

    Take Medicine Ball for example – 26 rhymes in 17 lines. His lryics have both an Insane amount of Rhyming AND direction. In fact, hes got so many, if you underline them all it makes the page look like a game of word Tetris!

    “Welcome to the Slim Shady Mecca, Rebecca. It’s the village in New York right next to the Tribeca. That’s my sector; homosexual dissector. ‘Come again?’ (Rewind, selecter.) I said: ‘Nice rectum. I had a vasectomy, Hector, So you can’t get pregnant if I bisexually wreck you.’ Hannibal Lecter in the guy’s section I bet you I tantalise you, and in less than five seconds I get you. They say, ‘Once bitten and twice shy,’ Well, lie next to the guy with five ecstasy pills And five extra boxes of ripped condoms in quantities. Why yes, Sir, I took the rest of the Lunesta pills from my dresser. That’s my kinda vibe, what else should I try, Lester? Drop-kick the bitch before the second trimester, Perform the home abortion with Dexter? Then I guess I’ll dig her foetus out With a wire hanger then digest her.”

    it’s no longer spurts, it’s entire verses consonance and assonance. From the relatively obvious at first, ‘Rebecca/Tribeca’, to the increasingly deviant: ‘Well lie next to’ pronounced ‘ nextah’, then stretching the possibilities of rhyme further and further with ‘Lunesta/trimester/digest her’. Then you have the secondary rhyme scheme, with ‘guys/I/shy/lie’ being interspersed for a second layer of rhythm. Those are just the ones emphasized in the recording, but there are more when you read them.

    This is why I was asking ya earlier about how he compares today, cuz I really think he’s reached a level unlike any other Rapper where he’s now able to do one without sacrificing the other “On fire” on Recovery is another one.

  2. Tay Holland says:

    Wow this is serious hip hop yo! LOL! But I when u calculate the rhymes, are including the wordplay, like when they bend words? (next-to-ya) shit like that?

    Lily – I really didn’t listen to Relapse that much due to the accents gettin on my nerves, I honestly don’t think I even heard this track, but damn, I definitely need to cuz that rhyme style is like Poe reincarnated! Fo real, Read that again, and then read Edgar Alan poe’s “The Raven”. He’s either genius, savant, or obsessive complusive.

  3. Beth Hart says:

    I think lily could be on to something, It would be interesting to see how Infinite and Relapse, compare.

    Ayo, my pen and paper cause a chain reaction
    To get your brain relaxin, a zany actin maniac in action
    A brainiac in fact son, you mainly lack attraction
    You look insanely wack when just a fraction of my tracks run

    All he wants is to kill you in front of an audience
    While everybody is watching in the party applauding it
    Here I sit while I’m caught up in deep, thought again
    Contemplating my next plot again
    Swallowing a klonopin while I’m noddin in and out on the ottoman
    At the ramada inn, holdin’ on to the pill bottle then
    Lick my finger and swirl it round the bottom and make sure I got all of it.

    because of the way he pronounces it all of these internals as well as end sylables rhyme. & Most of Relapse is that way. ing/o/a/ou/au/in. Now he sounds as though his rhymes are a melody.

    Perhaps Relapse is his Infinite, proving to himself he can still ryhme like a beast, and tell a story. Recovery he focus’s on the wordplay and metaphors, and the emotion, SSlp.

    Is Eminem starting all over again?

  4. Beth Hart says:

    As for your article, MMLP Is considered his best & most successful work, Pre-Recovery as the verdict is still out on that one

    (“This number helps support the argument that Eminem, as an artist, IS simple. An artist doesn’t gain millions of fans being as visceral as Eminem AND being complex in approach.”)

    You state that he has a low NWP though out his entire career, yet the rhyme from Infinite that you use as an example through out the article doesn’t support that. Did he have this same low NWP on Infinite also?

    Most Rappers like the ones you mention, write in incomplete sentences sacrifice connecting (prepositions), possessive, and comparative words, such as: in, on, of, the, I am, and, besides, then, my, as, for, is, but, etc. to fit their flow better. Almost to the point of ppl not being able to understand what they are tryna get across. (Its one of the main reasons people find rap rhymes to be confusing) The lines from Infinite, Eminem is closer to this same writing style. Eminem flows skills allow him to be able to keep these words to deliver a clear message or picture.

    Then I reach for the aloe and lanolin
    Bust all over the wall panelin’, dismantlin’
    Every candle on top of the fireplace mantle and
    Grab my flannel and my bandanna then
    Kiss the naked mannequin’ man again
    You can see him standin in my front window, if you look in
    I’m just a hooligan, who’s used to using hallucinogens
    Causing illusions again, brain contusions again
    Cutting and bruising the skin, Razors scissors and pins,
    Jesus when does it end,
    Phases that I go through, dazed and I’m so confused,
    days that I don’t know who, Gave these molecules to,
    me what am I gon’ do
    Had the prodi(c)al son,
    the diabolical one
    Very methodical when I slaughtered them

    Rewrite this leaving out the words other MC’s would sacrifice, in places where they can get away with it, as long as it’s close to what they want to say, – for example If I remove the connecting “and’s” from the 3rd and 4th line wouldn’t his NWP be higher with less of them? Yet he’d still be saying the exact same thing. Were not talking about nouns, pronouns, verbs and adjectives here, were talking tiny one syllable connecting words he’s using to create interesting and unique rhythms and flows, because he his flow is off the charts that he can!

    Reach for the aloe and lanolin,
    Busted all over the wall panelin, dismantlin
    every candle on top the fireplace mantle. Grab my flannel, bandanna, then, kiss the naked mannequin man again
    See him standing in my front window if you look in
    a hooligan, using hallucinogens,
    Causing illusions again, brain contusions again
    Cutting, bruising skin, Razors scissors, pins,
    Jesus when does it end,
    Phases I go through, dazed, confused,
    days I don’t know who, Gave these molecules to,
    me, what am I gon’ do
    The prodical son, diabolical one
    Very methodical when I slaughtered them

    I went further taking out some, and’s, that’s, then’s, You’s, and I’m’s. Now the average number of time those words appear in the whole verse is lower making his NWP higher correct? Now does that make him more dexterous? No! and it does not = equate a more simple Artist! We’ve heard Eminem create tons of different flows, as well as, do every flow imaginable, Surely he could’ve come up with a another mid tempo flow, that allowed him to use less words. He’s being interesting, period! So It equates an artist with the ability to do really sick rhythms with his flow! Do you know how many MC’s we’ve heard say Eminems has come up with flows that made them cross-eyed and go “wtf? how’d he come with that flow?” Phrasing, phrasing, phrasing! So how does being able to afford to be wordy & clear, cuz your ability to play with your flow is unlike any other, equate simple? It doesn’t. And it’s ridiculous to say those tiny little prepositions = Simple!

    IF anything it supports the argument that the audience likes their stories, and messages spelled out clearer. they don’t want to have to guess at how you meant for your nouns and pronouns, and verbs to connect. And they like a melodic flow!

    You’ve proved he can be complex (use big words) when he chooses and simple when he chooses. Eminem as an Artist is complex because he’s versatile, he can do anyone, but very few can do Eminem!

    (“Notice how his rhyming is without purpose and direction in its potency? That was the problem on Infinite. He was showcasing skills but it was all over the place”)

    Please explain how it is without purpose or all over the place? He’s very focused. The purpose is to diss someone. He’s saying I’m a brilliant rhymer and you suck! Thats the purpose of the rhymes. I see no-where in which he strays from that. If someone doesn’t get that, then they’re listening to the wrong music. And according to Rap Metrics he’s right.

    He switched his style because he wasn’t battling anymore. He went from battling to telling stories, about his life dude… smh…

    • rapmetrics says:

      “Please explain how it is without purpose or all over the place? He’s very focused. The purpose is to diss someone. He’s saying I’m a brilliant rhymer and you suck! Thats the purpose of the rhymes. I see no-where in which he strays from that. If someone doesn’t get that, then they’re listening to the wrong music. And according to Rap Metrics he’s right.”

      Because it’s boring battle raps. From an artistry standpoint, Infinite was neither creative nor interesting. It was “I’m better than you [rhyme] [rhyme] [rhyme]”. He’s showcasing real skills but the final product is potency without direction. What’s the point of those bars? It’s boring. On SSLP, he added new elements to his rap game at the expense of the high rhyming and the music was better for it. That’s my general thesis. I probably like Infinite a lot more than most Eminem fans too.

      • Anthony Jensen says:

        shes right though no one reading that is gonna know thats what you meant. She’s not a mind reader.

        “without purpose and direction in its potency?” And all over the place” He’s either focused or not focused. Potency means amount, strength, impact, power. It don’t mean – interesting. And the diss is very strong.
        If your trying to say all those big words (which as she points out lack prepositions) are boring, then you’ve just described 90% of underground rappers. And you’d be right! Nas = boring, Doom = Boring, = Mos Def = boring, Canibus = boring, I can go on and on..

        That’s a matter of opinion. Imo Battle Raps are not boring man, they’re exciting. You gonna listen to Royce da 59’s “I’m Me” Freestyle, and tell me thats boring? Or Eminem’s Despicable Freestyle? None of those Battle Raps on Infinite are boring! The BEATS he was creating flows to, made those verses boring. Some of the most interesting and funniest sh-t have come from battle raps. Cold Wind Blows, Won’t Back Down, On Fire, Seduction, No Love, Cinderella Man, Almost Famous, Untitled. 6 outta the 17 tracks on Recovery are All battle raps responding to either, Nick Cannon, Critic’s, or dissing the Game, or re-telling his story of his days as battle Rapper for the younger/ new fans who made not know it. Using metaphors and wordplay to create some of the, interesting, wittiest & funniest, punchlines and quotable’s I’ve heard in a long time. And creating verses of Rhymes you could play word tetris with as lily russell put it.

        Syllables with a sound that rhymes with a syllable in another line in caps

        “They call me Slim rOEth-IS-lbERg-ER
        I go beZ-ERk-ER than -A- fed-UP post-OFF-ICe wORk-ER
        A mURk-ER, with a mOSS-bERg,
        I’m piSSed OFF, get mURd-ER-ed,
        Like someone took a ketch-UP sqUIRt-ER, sqUIRT-ed a frank-fURT-ER”

        (note the O office also rhymes with OE in Roeth and the O in mOss and OFF)

        you see those syllables he’s rhyming man?

        Hell Seduction the whole song is a cleverly disguised double entendre, as is 25 to Life, right up til the very last line. No Love & Untitled could be interpreted to be about two to three different subjects as well, Women, Critics, other MC’s… thats boring to you? I don’t find lyrical cleverness boring in the least! How do u calculate lyrical cleverness?

        I ain’t even gonna begin try to point out all the rhyming sounds in the syllables in this verse, we’ll be here all day.

        yesterday my dog died, I hog tied a ho, tied her in a bow
        said next time you blow up try to spit a flow
        you wanna criticize dog try a little mo
        im so tired of this I could blow, fire in the hole
        im fired up, so fire up the lighter and the dro
        better hold on a little tighter here I go
        flows tighter, hot headed as Ghostrider, cold hearted as Spiderman throwin a spider in the snow
        so ya better get lower than Flo-rida inside of a lowrider with no tires in a hole
        why am I like this? why is winter cold.
        why is it when I talk im so biased to the ho’s.
        listen dog Christmas is off, this is as soft as it gets, this isnt golf.
        this is a blistering assault
        those are your wounds this is the salt
        so get lost, shit dissin me is just like pissin off the wizard of oz
        wrap a lizard in gauze
        beat you in the jaws with it, grab the scissors and saws
        and, cut out your livers gizzards and balls
        throw you in the middle of the ocean in the blizzard with jaws
        so sip piss like sizzurp through a straw
        then describe how it tasted like dessert to us all
        got the gall to make chris piss in his draws
        ticklin him, go to his grave, skip him and visit his dog.

        I’d say Eminem is far from simple, and on another level now completely man…

      • Anthony Jensen says:

        “On SSLP, he added new elements to his rap game at the expense of the high rhyming and the music was better for it. That’s my general thesis.”

        But that is incorrect –

        Ayo, my pEN and paper cause a chAIN rE-AC-TION (pronounced “TIN”)
        tO get your brAIN rE-lAX-IN, a zANY AC-TIN mAC-TIN IN AC-TION
        a brAIN-I-AC IN fACt sON, yOU mAIN-lY lACK a-ttrAC-TION
        yOU look IN-sANE-lY wACk when just a frAC-TION of my trACKs rUN = 39 straight ahead multi ryhming syllables

        In the second he Adds another rhyming technique. Likely so he doesn’t have to use those big words. Consonance – Listen to how he puts emphasis when he pronounces N & L’s

        H’I’ kIDS!
        dO yOU (L)Ike vIo-(L)ENCE? (sounds like LIDS/IS)
        Wa(N)-(N)A sEE mE stick (N)I(N)e i(N)ch (N)ai(L)s thrOUGH EAch one of mY EYE-(L)IDS?
        WA(N)-(N)A co-pY mE A(N)d dO exact-(L)Y (L)Ike ‘I’ dID?
        trY ‘cID A(N)d get fucked up worse thA(N) mY (L)Ife IS? – 43 sounds that sound alike

        (did you think it was a coincidence he choose so many words with N’s and L’and then stressed them?) he puts less emphasis on those two as and move to the T’s as the verse goes on

        mY brAI(N)’s dEAD wEIGHT, ‘I’m trY-NA to get mY hEAD strAIGHT
        but ‘I’ cAN’t figure out which SpIce Girl ‘I’ want tO im-preg-(N)ATE
        ANd Dr. DrE sAID, “Slim ShA-dY yOU a bASE-HEAD!” (uha-aaa) “whY IS your fACE rED?”

      • Anthony Jensen says:

        And I counted 43 cause he’s using two different sounds in some of those words to rhyme like “Nine” he’s using the N and the long I, and “Like” the “L” sound and the long I.

  5. Anthony Jensen says:

    LOL @ Lily Russell posting a verse with half the lines consisting of words with three to FIVE syllables! lol!! Tribeca, homosexual, dissector. selecter, vasectomy, bisexually, Hannibal, tantalise, ecstasy, quantities, Lunesta, trimester, abortion

    Thats allota big words ay Rap Metrics?

    Get of my d-ck, d-ck’s too short of a word for my d-ck,
    Get of my Antidisestablishmentarianism you prick.

    Call me when ya boys Ghostface Killah and MF Doom, figure out a way to write a bar with one word consisting of 12 syllables, and the dudes just making a d-ck joke.

    Moral of the story don’t eva think you got Eminem figured out man.

    • rapmetrics says:

      That bar is lame as heck. Look, you don’t become one of the biggest rap artists of all time spitting complex raps that are hard to decipher a la Ghost/DOOM.

      • Anthony Jensen says:

        You still don’t address all those big words on Relapse, or the issue Beth brings up, that the inclusion of those small connecting terms doesn’t prove he’s simple. It equals a melodic flow. Leaving them out of his phrasin doesn’t make him more or less dexterous lyrically, it means he’s less able to create interesting and unique flows.

        It’s your opinion that it’s a lame bar, I realize DOOM is your fav. rapper. so your gonna say Em’s bar is lame. He coulda done like every Rapper and used a metaphor involving a (pipe, hose, or extension cords) like he does in won’t back down) or a word meaning the same as “long”. That woulda been lame. He doesn’t, instead he uses a well know fact about a word never been used before, to give his metaphor meaning. That is why it isn’t lame. It clever, Add to the fact that half of Em’s dick joke’s are about courage not literally his dick, as in Almost Famous the line that bar comes from.

        What on earth makes you think, Doom and Ghost spit complex raps??? What’s complex about them? Their meanings are VERY simple. Nas can be complex at times only because normal everyday people aren’t into philosophy cuz its boring as heck, so people don’t get it! but Doom & Ghost? Naw dawg they ain’t hard to decipher in the least, you’d have to be an idiot to not know what they’re talking about.

      • AK says:

        Seriously shitty bar, he rhymes “dick” with “prick,” which is only a hair more creative than rhyming “dick” with “dick.” He used a long word, but the word is used explicitly and entirely for length rather than the meaning of the word. May as well have been flapping his lips with his fingers for the same space for all that’s worth.

        Jensen’s previous comment about assonance is, I think, far far far more relevant in demonstrating exactly why Em is great – he’s constantly using assonance in places where there aren’t even explicit rhymes.

      • Tay Holland says:

        what the hell is wrong with rhyming dick with prick? they rhyme don’t they?

        “That’d be the hour they knock the slick blaster
        Dick Dastardly and Muttley with sick laughter” Doom

        He’s rhyming slick, dick and sick, a 5th grader can do that too. If you mutha’s is looking fo every MC to leave rhymes like that out their raps so that every line is full of 3 to 5 syllable words, you gonna kill hip hop, cuz that shit is BORING! I deal with that shit in college everyday, I don’t want that in music too!

        The line wasn’t about the rhyme it was about the metaphor. He used the fact that almost everyone knows that word is the longest word in the dictionary to illustrate the length of his dick. AK using another word for long, THEN he really “May as well have been flapping his lips with his fingers for the same space for all that’s worth” Because it would have been boring, not humorous, & something we’ve heard a million times! Using the word he choose, the way he choose, for the reason he choose, drew attention to it, it felt fresh and got a laugh! The fact that Eminem knows this and you don’t, is exactly why snobs shouldn’t be allowed to judge MC’s lyrics! And he aint really talking about his dick, when he says “get off my dick” now is he? That shit was clever! Lighten the hell up mang!

  6. Michalis says:

    “Eminem it turns out has an extremely low score of 0.88, which means that 88% of words that appear in consecutive lines are unique.”

    Isn’t that supposed to be a high NPW score?Ghostface Killah has a 0.61 score in Ironman as you analyzed in a previous article.

    • rapmetrics says:

      Yeah, the NWP score was changed since then. Before it was measuring how many bars were unique instead of the words. It’s changed since then but overall, the same patterns exist ie. Ghostface scoring the highest. Sorry about the confusion. I was meaning to clear that up at some point.

  7. Michalis says:

    Then which is the average score?

  8. Alley B says:

    “On SSLP, he added new elements to his rap game at the expense of the high rhyming and the music was better for it.”

    I have to agree with Lily and Beth, Eminem is the wordiest rapper ever, because he creates interesting and flows that sound like melodies. You can remove half the small non-rhyming linking or connecting words in that verse she posted and he’ll have a higher Rhyme average, higher syllable average and higher NWP, it’ll not only like Doom or any other underground rapper wrote it, but also using the same words it can be re-phrased to make it difficult to decipher. How does that prove he’s simple or less dexterous and sacrificing rhymes. He’s creating and he creating interesting flow. It also possible he cares more about making sure the audience understands, pictures, and feels what he saying than appearing to be a rhyming god to a small group of super hip hop geeks like us! lol!

    But he certainly doesn’t appear to be sacrificing any rhyming on Recovery, and how long has that been Num. 1 now? I can think of a ton of others to. Renegade, Murder She Wrote, for example.

    There’s a Whopping 989 words in this track, yet listen to the rhymes and flow, it’s tracks like this on Relapse that made hardcore HH heads scratched their heads When Eminem said Relapse was ehhh.

  9. cognautic says:

    Well, I haven’t dissected his lyrics so carefully, but I will say a lot of other rappers often throw out articles and conjunctions. It often can confuse you if you’re not a veteran rap listener.

    Take Nas for example, his almost Shakespearian like style in his use of words in Illmatic can confuse people every now and than.

    When I hear Eminem he does try to keep a normal sentence structure, which I would think would be a plus, because having ill rhymes while still having a high listenability for everyone without having to put the track replay.

  10. I think you’re short changing Em as far as verbage out there. Outside of GZA, he proudly has the best diction of any rapper out there. Granted GZA’s philosophy is usually “half short, twice strong”*. I agree that diss and braggadocia lines get tiresome after awhile, which is why I couldn’t get through the Slaughterhouse with a gun to my head.

    *This was, ironically, said on the double album Wu-Tang Forever.

  11. GriffinM says:

    Well clearly we know that Eminem is an extremely talented rapper, but that “disestablishment dick-prick” line is terrible. Relapse is some of his best stuff because he uses rhymes all throughout his lines instead of just end rhymes. It’s also very clear from Relapse that Eminem is a master of assonance, or creating a repetitive and dominating sound. Just listen to the first verse of “Lose Yourself” and you’ll hear an “oh” sound again and again.

    • MKD says:

      It’s not the best line ever but far from a terrible one. To reinstate what Anthony has said, there is a metaphysical factor going on in that line.

  12. […] rhymers ever.  Legend has it that he had a big influence on Eminem in the transition away from Infinite era mechanical rhyming to a looser, assonance heavy, shorter word burst style.  Zee’s style is […]

  13. Eric Shipton says:

    yeah em had already record the SSEP before he ever linked up with dre so there were alot of other factors that evolved his sound from infinite to the SSLP he was already like 2/3 of the way there so i wouldnt put too much emphasis on the whole dre thing

  14. Eric Shipton says:

    and i notice you will rank j.cole and waka on completely even playing fields because that is the formula with lyrical content not taken into account but eminem was TOO complicated to the point it hindered his lyrical content? you have to pick a lane and stay in it

    • rapmetrics says:

      huh, wat? infinite was at ~1.36 syllperword which is high but wake/jcole are both pretty average to below-average in spa at around ~1.21. i don’t really know what you are saying tbh.

  15. illflybnn says:

    He’s saying don’t judge Em for his high lyrical abilities but give people like Waka or Juicy a “pass” because they make more pop sounding party music with high energy and less focus on wordplay. Everyone is just taking you to seriously though, guy’s he writes objective facts and stats on our favorite rappers those are what you extract from the blog not his opinions so stop attacking him, shit.

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