Wake Flocka VS. J. Cole

Absurd comparison? Maybe.  Why though?  What is so impressive about J. Cole that he’s won the adoration of the internet while fans have come together almost unanimously in their distaste for Waka?  Waka is criticized, fairly, for his simplistic approach to rap.  The beef doesn’t have much merit if it’s with his specific word choice (1.23 syllables per word and 0.95 NWP on Gun sounds vs. 1.19 syllables per word and 0.88 NWP on Lights Please).  I mean, Waka is using larger words on average AND being more flexible with his words (negligible difference in rhyme density).  And while simplistic, there’s still an element of fun creativity to Waka’s raps:

Murdaman flocka, I keep a heavy chopper
I’m down with So Icey I’m a real top shotter
Lite skin rasta, move like the mobsters
Rob yo ass for ganja so give it up partner
I hang with the killers, we go ape like gorillas

NWP, which measures repeated words between lines to give a rough estimator on word dexterity is 0.98 across these bars (the only repeated word being “a” between line 1 and 2).  What it really comes down to is Hook%, a metric I introduced in the last post. Here are the numbers for Gun Sounds and Lights Please.

Waka: 43 bars total, 17 rapping = 60% of the song is the hook

J.Cole: 69 bars total, 53 bars rapping = 23% of the song is the hook

J. Cole has more total content and less percentage of hook.  That’s the biggest difference between the two statistically that I’ve found.  And to be honest, I’d rather listen to Waka’s hard hooks over a beat with adlibs than J. Cole rap.  That’s just me though.


4 thoughts on “Wake Flocka VS. J. Cole

  1. cognautic says:

    Hey, I’m curious I don’t know where else to put shit but do you think you could calculate the average differences between an artists normal records and their freestyles? I think that would make for something interesting.

    Another thing I’m curious about is could you do stuff on R.A. The Rugged Man? I’m curious where he fits in in the hierarchy

  2. Ben says:

    i absolutly love this website and i find my self agreeing with quite alot of statments that your stats seemed to bring forward.

    id love to see the addition of R.A and Pharoah monche.

    unfortunaly this systme is flawed im not a j.cole fan or a waka fan but iv noticed there are some elements missing which might not be measurable or are just unaccounted for. the content of the verse itself is unapealing, generic, unoriginal.

    whereas cole shows more personality, much better similes at the very least better delivary.

    and i think i need to point out that the fact that waka only rap 40% of the time to me means that the other 60% are null and void due to the fact that they are repeated so often.

    i find it hard to believe that waka is a better rapper even if it is statistically.

    i think u need to revise your system because there are several unexplained anomalies.

  3. panda says:

    “I hate the winter time because the nights come quicker.
    These lights make these whites think I’m a nice young nigga.” – J. Cole.

    It’s not all about numbers. Cole has more emotion, and it just a better poet. No comparison to the likes of Flames.

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