Hook% As a Metric

In an effort to add another layer to the statistical categorization of artists, we’re working on a statistic that measures the proportion of a song devoted to a hook.  Simply calculated, it’s the amount of bars of hook divided by the total number of rapping bars.  In theory, it should do a good job of seperating types of artists.  DOOM, who rarely uses hooks, should score low.  Other artists who need a good hook to carry their raps, will obviously score higher.  As a metric, when used in conjunction with syllables per word and word dexterity scores, it helps layer the classification of artists.

Take two songs, Juicy by Notorious BIG and Meat Grinder by DOOM (both songs I love and both very diffeent in strcuture and audience).  Juicy is cookie cutter in structure; Intro, Verse, Hook, Verse, Hook, Verse, Hook, Outro.  The total number of bars in the verses is 57 and the total amount of bars of chorus is 16 (albeit sung).  That gives a Hook% of 28%.  Doom on meat Grinder is just rapping. No bullshit intro, no chorus, no nothing.  Just 36 bars of straight raps.

We can tell a lot about an artists intention, creatively and whatnot, with this number.  An artist like Waka Flocka is successful on the strength of his hooks, from a technical side.  He’s not an amazing “lyricist” but having well written hooks and lots of energy can go a really long way to making good music. Which Waka does.


4 thoughts on “Hook% As a Metric

  1. Hook% As a Metric « RapMETRICS…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. Tay Holland says:

    “Other artists who need a good hook to carry their raps, will obviously score higher.”

    Why are you assuming they “need” a hook to carry their raps.” Hooks aren’t used to carry a rap. Hip Hop started at parties with nothing but two turn tables, a microphone, and a hook. They are a tradition. Underground rappers are the only ones who don’t use them, cause they don’t really care about beats, or the whole art, all they are about spittin their rhymes…

  3. Tay Holland says:

    And cause nobody’s gonna be dancing to their shit or bumpin it. lol!

  4. belmontciggys says:

    @ Tay Holland: I think you have it a bit twisted.
    I’ve never heard anyone refer to “two turntables and a microphone” PLUS a hook.
    Hip Hop is based strongly on THE BREAK, and still is.
    Hooks were just added to appeal to listeners. Its never been a tradition.

    Super dope concept for a blog, and i’ll be frequenting it.
    I’d love to see A Tribe Called Quest feature sometime

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