The Mudkids:

I’m sick of studying for finals right now so I’m going to take a look at some lyrics sent by the guys over at   For a link to their song/lyrics visit:

So, what did we learn?  First and foremost, YES, they can rhyme.  Their rhyme density score of 0.51 is excellent and one of the higher values in the database. Also, a very solid score of 0.94 for NWP.  Great rhyming and word dexterity.  This is a great foundation to build on.

In terms of word structure however, their syllable per word average of 1.98 is BY FAR the highest in the database.  There is no precedant for that kind of SPW average leading to mainstream success (the cutoff is around 1.35).  They also average an extremely high syllables per line (16.75) which is difficult to pull off successfully unless you have a flow akin to a Big Pun or Andre 3000.

In terms of line length, they exhibit some interesting patterns.  Their End Pairs Even score (% of rhyming couplets within 15% in line length of each other) is only 16%, a much lower value than the 49% most rappers achieve.  More deliberate care in making sure line length is more congruent would definitely help.

The types of rhymes they use, at this point, are not very complex.  Overall, 25% of their rhymes are perfect rhymes.  Most great rhymers hover around the 10% mark.  The less perfect you demand your rhymes to be, the more range you give yourself to rap about subjects.

Most of these issues are general concerns with underground artists.  This could very well be a conscious decision to sound different and is within their rights as artists to make their unique sound of hip hop.  #Shruglife.


8 thoughts on “The Mudkids:

  1. WOW!

    This is just so dope to me, man. I really think that artists could use this kinda information when approaching a release, especially seeing a how the game has changed to a much more ‘singles’ driven market.

    (Wait’ll you hear ‘Cool Chicks’, which we’ve been plotting to lead the next album. It’s like I was reading this blog and applied it. Crazy.)

    I just find this amazing and getting to be included in this research and blog is an honor. Right on, Liban. Stay in touch.

    Rusty Redenbacher of Mudkids.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Rusty Redenbacher and MUDKIDS, Hanad from Overlea. Hanad from Overlea said: @rustymk2 @mudkids there you go. hope you enjoy the insight! […]

  3. Harrison says:

    Hey man! Really enjoying this site and all the work you do (it combines my two favorite things: hip-hop lyrics and statistics). I was wondering if you could release more data from the database (charts of rhyme densities across tracks on an album, across verses in a song, highest rhyme densities ever, etc.) or just open the database entirely. In any case, more data would be stellar. Keep up the great work, man!

  4. Keen says:

    Great read and an interesting way to view music (especially hip hop). I like what you said about perfect rhymes at the end. If you studied mine I’d probably be around 50%. Which is probably considered real bad on your scale. I have been trying to get away from it to increase my range as you discussed. Keep up the good work!

  5. Joshua says:

    This is really cool ish. This type of breakdown makes one really focus in on the finer details.

    If more emcees were on this level of consciousness with their craft, we’d probably be seeing more unique product, creatively speaking.

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