Both sides of the ‘Lil Wayne is simple’ Argument

Lil’ Wayne is pretty polarizing as an artist and the claim that he’s simple is one thrown around a lot.  It’s an interesting claim and true depending on how you evaluate complexity.  As far as rhyming goes, Weezy fits into a weird category in that he’s above the Jay/Nas/BIG group with his rhyme density score of 0.34 but still below heavyhitters like Fab and Em.  He averages 1.24-1.27 syllables per word which is pretty average and does nothing to support the ‘simple’ argument.

The statistic that Lil’ Wayne is really low in is Novel Word Proportion (mentioned earlier in the article but the calculation was tweaked a little bit).  Novel Word Proportion is simply:

Average percentage of words in the second line in a pair not appearing in the first

Lil’ Wayne’s scores of 0.87 and 0.88 on Carter II and  Carter III were THE LOWEST in our database of about 50 albums (Ghostface tested the highest with values of 0.94 and 0.95 across Ironman and Supreme Clientele).  The consistency of both artists was quite surprising.

Statistically speaking,  people do have a legit reason to call Lil Wayne ‘simple’.


4 thoughts on “Both sides of the ‘Lil Wayne is simple’ Argument

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for the article. Do you have any opinions on Wayne’s mixtapes, like The Prefix or Dedication 2?

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