MF Doom: Technically Sound

MF Doom is probably better, in terms of the technical aspects of rhyming, than your favorite artist.  He doesn’t waste many syllables, is funny as heck and tells inventive tales.  His classic MadVillainy absolutely blew the RapMETRICS system up.  It’s everything we look for in an album.  Super high rhyme density, low syllables per word(1.25), varying word dexterity and short songs in terms of total content(372 syllables).  No bullshit hooks, and few unnecessary guest spots.  Just a cohesive album between one artist and one producer.  He averaged a rhyme density of 0.44 over the album! Some rapper never even reach that value over 1 verse in their entire careers.

His longest song on the album in terms of content was Rhinestone Cowboy where he spit 72 bars over 584 syllables.  MF Doom keeps his bars short (averaged 8.11 for the album) and almost every word is part of a rhyme or is used to set up a rhyme immediately after.  On Rhinestone Cowboy, his rhyme density was 0.48 and his NWP was 0.63.  Just insane numbers on his part.  Fans more knowledgable than me will cite his stream of conciousness as the reason they love Doom.  I don’t really know what that means but I like Doom cause he’s technically one of the most impressive guys I’ve ever heard.


3 thoughts on “MF Doom: Technically Sound

  1. Stream of consiousness is a narative devise where you tell people what’s going exactly how it’s going on in your head. Ghostface does this the best. Go listen to “Shakey Dog” off of Fishscale for the best example.

    Both Ghost and DOOM are in my top 3. Love the site, reading through all the entries.

  2. rapmetrics says:

    Thanks! I had an idea of what people meant but never felt comfortable enough to use it to support my argument that Ghost/DOOM are awesome.

    Glad you like the site. Tell your friends!

  3. jtn says:

    Breath control is part of technique, and MF Doom doesn’t have that 🙂 Yea I know your site doesn’t measure things like that

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