Vordul Mega’s CLASSIC Performance

Vordul Megallah’s performance as one half of Harlem duo Cannibal Ox on their debut classic The Cold Vein is one of the most underappreciated pieces of work by an artist on an album ever.  The odd thing is that the common conception is that his partner Vast Aire or producer El-P actually carried the album.  I thought this the first time around too, to be honest.  Vast Aire’s slow, almost psychotic baritone is easy to pick up and appreciate on first listen as opposed to Vordul’s complex monotone rapidfire assault of imagery and metaphor.  Then you have El-P’s consistent production throughout the whole album with some of the wonkiest, darkest beats ever.

Vordul absolutely spazzed the fuck out on this album posting an average rhyme density score of 0.35 with a NWP score of 0.51.  While posting an above average syllable per word score of 1.38, he averages only slightly over 10 syllables per line (the combination of high syllables per word and low syllables per line is one we’ll consistently point to in this blog).  Solid, solid numbers all around.  Vordul rhymes a lot, is hella dexteric with his word choice, keeps his lines short and his verses less than 300 syllables.  We love him.  We love this performance.  One of the main reasons we love him is because sometimes we have no idea what the fuck he’s talking about:

Eskimo metal got shit locked in oxygen shell
Words shot plated metal lung which spun kids' carrousel
Mega alarm technoloid these boys fight four arms swinging two toes very well
Terror toys jubilated mega noise when iron works
Bullet shot animated mad windows with fireworks

We have no idea if this makes any sense at all.  But we’re sure it’s brilliant.


3 thoughts on “Vordul Mega’s CLASSIC Performance

  1. jtn says:

    Yea, vordul mega was awesome on pigeon. Imo, Pigeon and Scream Phoenix were the best tracks on that album.

    • rapmetrics says:

      Both great songs. Iron Galaxy and Painkillers were unbelievable as well. I’d put those 4 tracks up against any 4 tracks on any album ever made. Vordul absolutely spazzed the fuck out on this album.

  2. n says:

    I re-listened to the album, and Vordul’s most impressive verse might have been on A B-Boy Alpha. I’m pretty sure that the rhyme density would be pretty high on that song, 0.40-0.50, estimated from counting rhyming syllables in 2 lines. One of the all-time best verses I’ve ever heard

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