Why We Here at RapMETRICS LOVE Cam’Ron (no homo)

Cam’ron is one of my favorite artists of all time.  Really.  Up until a couple of years ago I wasn’t a big fan of his and just dismissed him as the “rootie tootie fruity” guy.  I got into the Dispet movement well after the fact and only recently fully digested Cam’s catalog.  What I found was not only that Cam’ron was funny and fresh but that he was simply an amazing rhymer.  One of the best I’ve ever heard and one of the best on the RapMETRICS system.  He fits the profile of one of the types of rappers I like: High rhyming efficiency, medium word length, medium song length with varying word dexterity.

Take a look at his production across Crime Pays & Come Home With Me:

Incredible consistent effort on Cam’s part.  Maintaining that kind of rhyming efficiency while not boring the listener  is impressive and is why technically speaking, we think Cam’ron is a monster.  We appreciate it when a rapper can produce technically and not take 900 syllables a song or have syl/word counts of 1.4 and above to get their point across.

His verse on “No No No” may be the most efficient 16 ever spit where he managed to have a rhyme density of 0.81.  How does he do it?  Well, Cam’ron likes to use the same word (or the base sound) in different contexts to set up his multisyllable rhymes in a fun, clever way.  Take this excerpt where similar formatting shows rhyming:

He’s a once-in-a-generation talent and it sucks that he gets labelled just because he actually tries to have fun in his music.


One thought on “Why We Here at RapMETRICS LOVE Cam’Ron (no homo)

  1. jtn says:

    I’ll note that Cam’s flow is much better than Doom’s. I’d expect that flow is one of the hardest things to quantify. Also, I notice that when it comes to rhyme schemes, it’s standard in rap to have 3 2-syllable rhymes every two lines. Just saying

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